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 The project sponsor on an agile project informed the project lead that an executive would like an update on the project’s progress. What should the project lead do?


A.Reach out to the project management office (PMO) for status report templates and provide project updates in thatformat.

B. Ask the project sponsor or product owner to provide an update since the project lead should be trying to keep the team free from impediments.

C. Invite the executive to the project’s meeting space to determine if the project information radiators meet theirneeds

D. Provide a ink to the projects shared dive for the executive to search through for any artifacts that are ofinterest


Correct Answer: A




A company is initiating a project to enhance one of its existing products. All of its products are developed internally. What should the project manager do?


A. Review the lessons learned from the previousproject

B. Create a lessons learrned document for the initiationphase.

C. Identify the risk of implementing the new solution and evaluate the impact on theproject

D. Ensure the stakeholder engagement plan is accurate and propertydocumented.


Correct Answer: A



A project manager has been asked to lead a project The performing organization does not have a project management office (PMO)or formal governance policies, procedures, and guidelines for this type of project.

What should the project manager do first to determine a governance approach for the project?


A. Consulta subject matter expert (SME) as to the best governance policies, procedures, and guidelines to be used by the project

B. Coach the self-managing team to produce tailored governance policies, procedures, and guidelines for theproject

C. Consult with team members and stakeholders to determine whether the organization has any informal governance policies,procedures, and guidelines.

D. Choose either a predictive or agile framework best suited to the nature of the project, and use this framework as the basis for project governance policies, procedures, and guidelines.


Correct Answer: C




 A retail chain is evaluating a project to replace payment systems across all its stores in multiple locations The project does not pass the financial threshold but is also expected to increase market share, improve customer services, and retain more customers.The project is planned as a phased implementation, building on learning from the retrospectives during each phase.

How should the business increase the value of the project?


A. Quantify the expected tangible and intangible benefits in the benefits management plan for eachphase

B. Use a fishbone diagram to find the root cause of the lower financial benefits with the benefitsowner

C. Ask the benefits owner to reassess the identified risks that are impacting the outcomes of the financialbenefits.

D. Consult with experts on methods to reduce costs and increase the financial value of theproject


Correct Answer: D




A team member in a hybrid organization informs the project manager of a new way to execute an activity with a shorter duration. The project manager has not used the new process before, but a trusted team member explains that their previous experience with the process validates the efficacy of the new process.

Which two actions should the project manager take? (Choose two)


A. Update the projectschedule.

B. Update the work breakdown structure(WBS)

C. Postpone the decision until the nextsprint.

D. Assess the impact and implement this newprocess.


Correct Answer: BE



 A team has been struggling with various issues during the course of an iteration The project lead facilitates a discussion of the issues and the team forms new team agreements. During the next iteration, some of the same issues appear again.

What should the project lead do next?


A. Notify senior management of the issues, and have them review the importance of agreements with theteam

B. Let the team self-organize and determine the best means to prevent the issues from occurringagain

C. Post the agreements in a conspicuous place where all of the team members can seethem.

D. Challenge the team to determine if the issues surfaced again because agreements were notfollowed.


Correct Answer: D




A project manager is leading a meeting with key stakeholders, the project sponsor, and the product owner to define the features that will be released after the next iteration. The purpose of the meeting is to review the product backlog prioritization, considering that during the past iteration some deliverables were not completed. Which two items should be taken into account first to review and update the product backlog priorities during the meeting? (Choose two)


A. Complexity and the cost ofdevelopment

B. Reusing components from anotherproduct

C. Industry trends and the technicalapproach

D. Cost of delaying some features against businessvalue

E. Length of time each feature has been on thebacklog


Correct Answer: CD




 A project manager has been assigned to lead a project to deploy a new system The stakeholders disagree on the project objectives and approach. What should the project manager do?


A. Conduct a general meeting with all stakeholders and review and address a list of activities for each ofthem.

B. Createa roles and responsibilities matrix based on the project charter and ask the sponsor to share it with all stakeholders to provide credible authority.

C. Conductscoping workshops with the project team to create a work breakdown structure (WBS). assign tasks to various entities,share this with all stakeholders, and ask the team to complete their tasks as scheduled.

D. Break down the situation to identify the root causes for the disagreement and then work with each stakeholder and participating entity on their exact roles and responsibilities.


Correct Answer: C




 A project manager at a company is considering a high performing junior member of the organization to be the new project manager for a current project. What should the project manager do to prepare for a recommendation to senior management?


A. Ask the team member to write a short biography listing theirqualifications.

B. Gather project artifacts that demonstrate the team member’s highperformance.

C. Compile key highlights featuring the team member from the meetingminutes.

D. Calculate the health of the projects on which the team member hasworked


Correct Answer: B




A project manager is assigned to a project within a program. The high-level requirements of the project are known, but the priorities of some of the requirements are uncertain as they are interdependent on some other pipeline projects within the program

How should the project manager prepare for the next steps of the project?


A. Escalate to the management team to increase the timeline based on the complexity of theproject

B. Ask the project management office (PMO) to estimate the tasks for all the projects and share the project managementplan.

C. Wait for the other project estimates before planning theschedule.

D. Prioritize and estimate the milestones for the high. level requirements based on historicaldata


Correct Answer: B

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