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Question 1


What does TCP do if the sending source detects network congestion on the path to the destination?


A. The source host will send a request for more frequent acknowledgments to the destination.

B. The source will decrease the amount of data that it sends before it must receive acknowledgements from the destination.

C. The destination will request retransmission of the entire message.

D. The source will acknowledge the last segment that is sent and include a request for a smaller window size in the message.


Correct answer: B


Question 2


What is a characteristic of UDP?


A. UDP datagrams take the same path and arrive in the correct order at the destination.

B. Applications that use UDP are always considered unreliable.

C. UDP reassembles the received datagrams in the order they were received.

D. UDP only passes data to the network when the destination is ready to receive the data.


Correct answer: C


Question 3


What does a client do when it has UDP datagrams to send?


A. It just sends the datagrams.

B. It queries the server to see if it is ready to receive data.

C. It sends a simplified three-way handshake to the server.

D. It sends to the server a segment with the SYN flag set to synchronize the conversation.


Correct answer: A


Question 4


What happens if the first packet of a TFTP transfer is lost?


A. The client will wait indefinitely for the reply.

B. The TFTP application will retry the request if a reply is not received.

C. The next-hop router or the default gateway will provide a reply with an error code.

D. The transport layer will retry the query if a reply is not received.


Correct answer: B


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Question 5


A host device is receiving live streaming video. How does the device account for video data that is lost during transmission?


A. The device will immediately request a retransmission of the missing data.

B. The device will use sequence numbers to pause the video stream until the correct data arrives.

C. The device will delay the streaming video until the entire video stream is received.

D. The device will continue receiving the streaming video, but there may be a momentary disruption.


Correct answer: D


Question 6


Why does HTTP use TCP as the transport layer protocol?


A. to ensure the fastest possible download speed

B. because HTTP is a best-effort protocol

C. because transmission errors can be tolerated easily

D. because HTTP requires reliable delivery


Correct answer: D


Question 7


When is UDP preferred to TCP?


A. when a client sends a segment to a server

B. when all the data must be fully received before any part of it is considered useful

C. when an application can tolerate some loss of data during transmission

D. when segments must arrive in a very specific sequence to be processed successfully


Correct answer: C


Question 8


Which three application layer protocols use TCP? (Choose three.)









Correct answer: ABD


Question 9


What information is used by TCP to reassemble and reorder received segments?


A. sequence numbers

B. acknowledgment numbers

C. fragment numbers

D. port numbers


Correct answer: A


Question 10


How many host addresses are available on the network with a subnet mask of


A. 510

B. 512

C. 1022

D. 1024

E. 2046

F. 2048


Correct answer: C


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