There is no better way to put it than “fail to plan, plan to fail,” and this couldn’t be more accurate while preparing to take a Microsoft certification test. Microsoft’s examinations are well-known for its difficulty, even for experienced professionals.

Technical topics such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure are extremely difficult, and taking a Microsoft test without properly preparing is a surefire way to set yourself up for a disappointing result. Here’s why you need SPOTO‘s help.

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What Are the Benefits of Earning a Microsoft Certification?

When it comes to pursuing or developing in a technological job, there are several platforms and fields to pick. However, one brand stands out above the rest: Microsoft.

With a Microsoft certification, you can demonstrate to existing and future employers that you have the fundamental technical abilities they demand for their positions. You are familiar with and understand certain tools and applications, and Microsoft has recognized and verified your expertise.


Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) include:


  • Employers frequently hire them more rapidly than other candidates.
  • Taking on greater responsibilities and increasing your chances of progress
  • Have a more in-depth knowledge and comprehension of technology, which results in time savings and increased production.
  • On average, you’ll earn roughly $80,000 each year.

Some Pointers for You to Pass the Microsoft Certification Exams:

Before sitting for a Microsoft certification test, you should prepare as much as possible to enhance your chances of passing. To assist you in your preparation for your Microsoft certification test, we’ve compiled some practical ideas and resources for you.


1. Create a study schedule that works for you


Put some organization into your studying and make a list of the things you want to do during your study time. If you don’t, it will be far too simple for you to postpone or neglect the tasks that you have to do.

Determine when you are most capable of absorbing new information. When are you going to have the least amount of distractions? In the case of a family with children, it may be easier to study after they have gone to bed or before they get out of the bed in the morning.


2. Review the topics that will be covered in the exam


Certification examinations for Microsoft products are extremely comprehensive – to the point that even highly experienced experts have failed them. Because the questions are intended to test your knowledge, it is not wise to merely guess and hope for the best while answering them.

While you won’t be able to know everything, knowing the objectives and sub-objectives of each test will allow you to get a good start on your studies. Microsoft makes available the test descriptions for all of the examinations, as well as a summary of their goals. Each sub-objective will also have a set of abilities that you’ll be assessed on, so go through this page as many times as you need to until you’re comfortable with them all.


3. Find Proper Study Materials


Get your study resources from reputable sources to ensure success. Microsoft makes its companion information available online, and you may look for internet resources and discussion groups from people who have taken the test in the past to supplement your study.

Another option is to enroll in role-based certification training with a Microsoft Certified Trainer, such as SPOTO. Accredited training organizations have access to authentic Microsoft courseware that corresponds directly to the objectives of the tests they deliver to their clients. Certification training courses that are centered on a specific position may help you get a better understanding of that role while preparing for an exam.


4. Take Notes While You’re Learning


There’s an old saying goes like this”If in doubt, put it down on paper.” Therefore, when you’re preparing for  the exam, you can  make a note of any difficult  points or technical detail you come across. Because Microsoft’s examinations are very comprehensive, this might be a lifeline for anyone taking the exam. While it is possible that what you write down may not appear on the exam, it is better to be safe than regret.

Do you want to keep your notes structured for future reference? Use a notetaking app. Consider utilizing a note-taking program such as Evernote or OneNote to keep track of your thoughts. Each has its own set of functions, so choose the one that best meets your requirements.


5. Get some hands-on experience with the technology


Having practical experience will be quite beneficial as you prepare for the test. As opposed to attempting to answer questions on a theoretical practice that you’ve only read about, you’ll get hands-on experience with the tasks you’re assigned. However, not everyone has access to technology such as a sandbox data center, which allows them to explore.

Taking a course from SPOTO should provide you with the opportunity to evaluate your product knowledge in a lab setting. You may use a trial account to become comfortable with the products.


6. Take a number of practice exams


Taking practice examinations before your final exam is one of the most beneficial things you can do to prepare for your final exam. Treat the practice examinations as if they were genuine exams so that you can learn how you should approach the real thing when the big day arrives. Predictably, you will flunk your first practice exam. Once you’ve finished, go over each incorrect response to identify your areas of weakness. Learn how to take an official practice test by visiting this page. SPOTO provides you with the latest exam dumps.


7. Take it easy on exam day


When it comes to the time to take the test, the best thing you can do is relax, confident in the knowledge that you’ve done everything you prepared. However, while it is important to treat each question with seriousness, coming into the exam worried and overwhelmed can raise your chances of failing the exam. The objective is not perfection, but rather completeness. Allow yourself to off the hook by acknowledging that it is OK to occasionally miss a question, guess at a question, or be perplexed by the wording of a question. If you fail the test the first time, you may always retake it.


With SPOTO, you can prepare for Microsoft Certification Exam

A Microsoft certification might be a significant influence in your ability to advance in your present position or obtain a new one elsewhere. But keep in mind that, in order to acquire a Microsoft certification, you must prepare yourself for the exam in order to have the best chance of success.

SPOTO is there to assist you. A Microsoft Gold Learning Partner, SPOTO provides you a wide range of Microsoft products.  Microsoft Certified Trainers deliver all of our courses, which are designed to match Microsoft’s formal course outline. Learn more about our Microsoft technical courses and exam dumps here, and get started on your path to professional advancement right away.

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