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At project initiation a quote for the required services was requested from a vendor and the work was estimated at USS100.000 As the project progressed, requirements were updated following the company’s procurement process and a modified quote was received for more than USS250,000. The allocated contingency funds are not sufficient to cover the difference.

What should the project manager do?


A. Proceed with the best offer as per the procurement process.

B. Review the contract type that will be awarded to the vendor.

C. Restart the procurement process and select a new vendor.

D. Engage the steering committee and escalate the issue.


Correct Answer: D




A project manager realizes that a project team member is still working on a user story. The piece of code that has been developed for country A is being customized for country B, but there is a huge delay that is affecting the sprint goals.

What should the project manager do in this situation?


A. Skip including this functionality in the final product

B. Replace the project team member with a new

C. Include this as a discussion topic for the next standup

D. Ask the team to request outsourcing from the division management.


Correct Answer: A




A project is 70% complete. During a product review meeting, a stakeholder complains that additional features should be include. What should the project manager do next?


A. Review changes with the team and go through the formal change control process.

B. Update the project management plan with the requested changes and inform relevant stakeholders.

C. Submit a change request to the change control board (CCB) and inform the sponsor about the changes.

D. Inform the stakeholder that the changes will be applied as product  fixes.


Correct Answer: A




A project manager for a building construction project is planning to go on vacation midway through the project execution phase What should the project manager do first to ensure the team is empowered and deadlines are met?


A. Analyze the impacts and create a plan for team decision  making.

B. Postpone the vacation to a different time.

C. Ask the project sponsor to make any necessary decisions

D. Allow the team to make decisions to stay on schedule.


Correct Answer: A


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A multiyear project has been progressing as planned. Due to a recent technological innovation in the market, a key stakeholder raises a concern that the benefits of the project deliverables are no longer satisfactory.

What should the project manager do?


A. Ask for additional budget to adopt the new technology

B. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor

C. Submit a change to redefine the scope.

D. Perform a risk analysis to assess the situation


Correct Answer: D




A company is using a predictive approach for the development of a particular component as defined in the scope management plan Due to regulatory changing regulatory requirements, the development team has requested to utilize agile approaches.

What should the project manager do about the development team’s request?


A. Ask the project sponsor to obtain approval for implementation of the new  approach.

B. Forward the request to the project management office (PMO) to amend the organizational process assets

C. Analyze the requirements that will need to be addressed under the requested method

D. Escalate the request for additional financial resources


Correct Answer: C




A project manager is working with a Scrum team that is continually missing deadlines The steering committee is concerned about the project as it is not dear that it will deliver the expected value After some analysis, the project manager discovers there is a mismatch of competencies in one of the teams.

What should the project manager do?


A. Provide appropriate raining to compensate for the mismatch

B. Update the project schedule to reflect the delay

C. Emphasize to the teams the importance of meeting the agreed deadlines.

D. Accept the risk of the project missing deadlines due to the mismatch.


Correct Answer: A




A project manager is managing a complex research project with a high level of uncertainty A request is made to implement a mechanism to measure the quality of the deliverables Using a hybrid approach, what techniques can be used to achieve this goal?


A. Scrum master reviews and the quality Kanban method

B. Time boxed iterations and standup review meetings

C. Paired work and the customer role method

D. Daily Scrum and product owner quality assessments


Correct Answer: C




The product team is progressing with a prototyping approach to deliver a multiyear business initiative. A few user stories are taking longer to be delivered What should the project manager do?


A. Discover the gaps in the communications management plan and address them accordingly

B. Determine the risks and identify a resolution during the retrospective meeting.

C. Inform stakeholders about the delay during project updates.

D. Determine cross-dependencies and plan a spike in the next sprint


Correct Answer: D




During the course of the project, several obstacles are identified that are preventing the project from moving forward. What should the project manager do to remove the obstacles?


A. Escalate to the project steering committee.

B. Implement plans to remove the obstacles

C. Prioritize the obstacles for resolution.

D. Have the project team work on other activities


Correct Answer: C


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