Project Management experience is a prerequisite for taking the PMP exam. If you’re a recent grad, I’ll talk about the experience you’ll need (hold a university degree). Project management experience of up to three years is required by PMI to be a PMP graduate. Contact SPOTO to know more information about PMP certification.

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If you’re preparing to take the PMP test, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve worked on projects for at least three years. When it comes to non-project management professionals, this is really crucial. To sit for the PMP Exam, you’ll need three years of project management experience, based on an eight-hour, five-day work week.


On the PMP exam application form, I also describe the Project Management experience part and how to fill it out.


How can you figure out how much Project Management experience you have based on your employment history?

“Projects” are defined as “temporary endeavors undertaken to generate distinctive products, services or results,” as stated in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).


If you’re participating in and lead the creation of one-off or non-operational products, services, or outcomes, even if you don’t have the title of Project Manager, you can use this experience toward your Project Management credentials.


Consider being a bank branch manager and being in charge of a project to improve various software systems in use. Isn’t it fascinating? There’s more.


These 3 years/36 months of project experience, how do you count it? To be eligible for PMI certification, you must have a minimum of three years of project management experience (or 36 consecutive months).

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At least 3 years/36 unique months of project management experience and at least 4500 hours of project management experience are required for those with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or institution.


According to PMI, if you were working on two projects at the same time and they overlapped for a period of time, you should only count those overlapping months once.


However, if you completed Project A in January, and then Project B in March and October, you cannot count the total of 14 months because they were two distinct projects. Only the sum of January to October should be counted.


Let’s look at our employment history and see if we can get three years and 36 different months of experience.

Writing material might be anything from a pen and paper to a laptop, tablet, or phone. To jot down notes, you can use almost anything.


All non-operational activities would be written down for each year of our work experience, with a start and end date included (remember the definition of a project). Please keep in mind that any employment experience from more than eight years ago will not be considered.


Once you’ve done that, write down each of those activities, the amount of time you spent on each one, and the start and end dates for each one.


Here is an example of the  work experience as a Corporate Services Manager:


8 hours a day: January 2017 – June 2017: Implementation of a new Finance tool

New service provider on-boarding: May 2015-July 2018: four hours each week

The new financial tool was introduced in August 2018, and training began in earnest in January 2016.

HR tool upgrade: February 2019 – July 2016: 8 hours per day

August 2019 – January 2020: 8 hours a day of HR tool training.

From February 2021 until October 2021, 8 hours per week will be devoted to the creation of a new document repository.

From September 2021 to November 2021, I worked 8 hours each week to decommission an obsolete document repository.

Take the preceding example and use it to figure out how many months and hours you have in a year.


Keep in mind that the PMP Exam requires at least three years of professional experience, or 36 months if you work an 8-hour day, five days a week. A year has 52 weeks, assuming there are 52 weeks in it.


Using the information shown above, we can conclude that we have the 36 unique months and 4,628 hours of project management experience needed to earn the PMP project management certification.


I hope this helps you determine whether or not you meet the project management experience criteria for the PMP test if you have up to three years of project management experience. Find out about the requirements for the PMP test, as this is not the only thing you must do before you can sit for the exam.


Obtaining PMP certification by completing the application form


Applicants must submit an application to the Project Management Institute (PMI) in order to sit for the certification exam. PMI is the sole authorized testing center for the PMP certification exam. There is no other option but to go through PMI if one wishes to apply for the exam and be approved to sit for it.


In the experience area of the application, please enter the following information:


The name of each project being reported on in this report.

While completing the project, the total number of hours spent in each process group In other words, the total number of hours devoted to the process of beginning, planning, organizing, executing, and monitoring and regulating the process.

Your contributions to each project’s process groups are summarized below.

A point of contact who can vouch for the accuracy of each project. For each project, this is the confirmation that the hours and labor you reported are accurate

Get a better idea of how to write project descriptions by looking at a great example.


Things to Remember

Each project doesn’t necessitate that you have hours in all of the process groups; rather, it is necessary that you have experience (hours) in each process group after reporting your three years of experience.


Using keywords, such as Project language, to describe the work done on each project is vital because the word count for the work summary is quite limited.


In other words, if you worked on the creation of the Project Management Plan, you don’t have to include a description of the plan in your job description. Alternatively, you may just write, as I was responsible for developing the Project Management Plan. SPOTO provides you with the most detailed PMP courses and exam dumps, don’t hesitate to try them!



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