Jack is one of  SPOTO‘s students, and he succesfully passed  PMP exam in 15 days. The following article introduces some of his valuable skills and experience in prepararing for the exam. Please keep on reading.

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1- How long did Jack prepare for the PMP examination?

Although preparations began in August 2018 when Jack enrolled in SPOTO’s courses, effective practices did not start until January 11, 2019, for the appointment date on February 1, 2019.

2- What was the most challenging aspect of preparing for the PMP certification exam?

Jack has heavy work load, and he has been severly ill for some months. His journey of passing the PMP test was not an easy one. Therefore I felt compelled to share it. I considered delaying my PMP test many times, but I never gave up.

3- What was the quality of PMP training materials?

SPOTO’s PMP Certification training materials are of the highest quality. The recorded explanations of each topic were concise but detailed enough to provide an in-depth understanding of the subject. The most exemplary aspect was the rapid replies to questions; on the last two days, I reviewed the handouts as the previous review of each subject area.

4- How were the questions on the actual PMP certification test comparable to those in SPOTO’s study materials?

At least 80% of the questions were comparable to the actual PMP examination. This helped me comfortably pass the PMP test.

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5- How many PMP test questions did you practice before taking the exam?

All questions are listed at the conclusion of each subject, as well as questions from each module, the four practice examinations, and additional sources. Before the final test, around a thousand questions were rehearsed. In 15 days, I was able to pass the PMP test by practicing as many PMP questions as possible.

6- Any recommendations for future PMP test candidates?

a) Enroll in a program such as SPOTO’s PMP program, since it provides coherent comments on every subject, handouts of each topic’s explanation, Module-ending questions with solutions (and their explanations), and quick replies to every inquiry.

b) Review the whole PMBOK at least once before taking the test.

c) Practice as many questions as you encounter throughout your study, and revisit them if you make a mistake; and for clarification, consult the PMBOK Guidelines for that area.

7- Do you have any advice for the day of the PMP certification exam?

a) Get enough rest the night before (do not leave your nightlight on).

b) During the days of preparation, write personal notes comprising all the relevant terminology, formulae, and one-sentence explanations of each significant issue, and review them as the last study material before taking the test.

c) Do not get overwhelmed by the many instructions and checks at the Prometric center.

8- What three pieces of advice would you give to 

a) Enroll in a course online such as Master of Project Academy

b) Review the whole PMBOK at least once before taking the test.

c) Practice as many questions you can practice

9- How likely are you to suggest SPOTO to a colleague or friend?

Without a doubt, I would suggest SPOTO to my friends and coworkers since the course is superior to other online systems on the market. I can claim that it provides an excellent return on investment.

Many thanks to Jack for sharing his experience of preparing for PMP exam in 15 days.

You will be as satisfied as our community of tens of  professionals.  Consult SPOTO‘s PMP Certification Training for further information.

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