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Question 1


One of your contractors is not performing to the agreed-upon standards. You want to terminate the contract and engage another contractor for the same job. You need to determine the specific legal procedure for the early termination of the contract.

What should you do?


Correct answer: D

Question 2


A project is divided into four sequential phases. The second phase of the project has just been completed, and the third phase is about to begin.

What should the project manager do first?


Correct answer: B

Question 3


An organization has a project management office (PMO) that ensures all relevant project documents are created, and all project management processes are followed according to established best practices.

What should the project manager review first to identify stakeholders for a newly started project?


A. The business documents as a source of information about the project’s stakeholders
B. The communications management plan to learn about the project’s stakeholders
C. The stakeholder engagement plan to identify the management strategies and actions required to engage stakeholders effectively
D. The requirements documentation for information on potential stakeholders


Correct answer: A


Question 4


A project manager is in the process of developing the stakeholder register. As the first step in this process, she needs to create a list of potential stakeholders and decides to use a data gathering technique called brain writing.

What is the first thing to do when using that technique?


A. Convene a data gathering meeting with the participants
B. Develop your own template for a stakeholder register
C. Send a list of questions to participants before the creativity session
D. Consult the stakeholder engagement plan to understand how the stakeholders are to be identified


Correct answer: C

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Question 5


A project manager does most of her communicating with team members, internal project stakeholders, and external project stakeholders via email. The project manager incorporates specific techniques when composing her emails to reduce any misunderstandings.

Which of the following is not considered one of these techniques?


A. Concise expression
B. Clear purpose directed to the needs of the reader
C. Controlled flow of words and ideas
D. Communications register


Correct answer: D


Question 6


As the project manager, you are leading a brainstorming session with key stakeholders to identify project risks. Once the project risks are determined, you immediately proceed to nominate different team members as risk owners and assign them the task of developing individual risk response plans.

Have you properly conducted risk management planning?


A. No, you should be the one developing the risk response plans as you are ultimately responsible for the outcomes of the project.
B. Yes, the risk response plans are an output of the Identify Risks process and should be developed right after the risks have been identified.
C. No, before assigning risk responsibility to team members, you need to assess each risk’s probability of occurrence and its impact.
D. Yes, the team members should be assigned responsibility for a risk as soon as possible and tasked with creating a risk response plan.


Correct answer: C


Question 7


You are managing a project to build a database and need to acquire information from the stakeholders of the project. The team is using brainstorming, focus groups, interviews, questionnaires, and benchmarking to understand and document the stakeholders’ needs.

The methods the team is using are representative of which tool and technique?


A. Data gathering
B. Data analysis
C. Decision making
D. Data representation


Correct answer: A


Question 8


The project is in execution, but your project team is unable to stop arguing about the project milestones and the specific risks associated with them. This on-going conflict puts the project at risk of running behind schedule.

What would likely have helped avoid this conflict had it been properly created first?


A. A project charter
B. Physical resource assignments
C. Quality metrics
D. A work breakdown structure


Correct answer: D


Question 9


During project execution, the team discovers that some of the buttons on the remote control developed by the project for a new product do not work according to the specifications. A change request is submitted and approved to replace the buttons.

Which of the following best describes this change request?


A.Corrective action
B. Preventive action
C. Defect repair
D. Gold plating


Correct answer: C


Question 10


A project manager meets with a customer for initial discussions about an upcoming project. At the end of the meeting, the customer asks the project manager for a rough estimate of the project duration. Based on her experience with three similar projects, the project manager provides an estimate of 8-10 months.

What estimation technique does the project manager use?


A. Expert judgment
B. Three-point estimating
C. Analogous estimating
D. Bottom-up estimating


Correct answer: C


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