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Question 1


A project is behind schedule because department managers reassigned project team members to work on other assignments. After negotiations with the managers, you agreed to a temporary solution where a core group of project resources is dedicated to performing the project work until more resources are approved.

What conflict resolution technique did you most likely employ in this situation?


A. Compromise or reconcile
B. Force or direct
C. Collaborate or problem solve
D. Smooth or accommodate


Correct answer: A


Question 2


During a daily stand-up meeting, one of the programmers mentions that she had some extra time and added functionality, which was not included in the original design. She believes the customer will appreciate the added functionality.

What is your best course of action?


A. Remove the added functionality and ensure that the project team builds the software as designed going forward
B. Thank the programmer for the extra effort and notify the customer of the new functionality that has been added
C. Update the cost baseline since the project will run over budget due to the cost of adding new functionality
D. Accept the added functionality, but ask the programmer to build only what has been designed going forward


Correct answer: A


Question 3


The project manager is managing the research and development of a new cancer screening test. The project manager would like to determine whether the processes currently in use in the project are effective in meeting the quality requirements specified by the customer.

What does the project manager need to obtain first to make this determination?


A. Quality control measurements
B. Resource breakdown structure
C. Requirements traceability matrix
D. Acceptance of deliverables from the customer


Correct answer: A


Question 4


During an inspection of a project deliverable, the team detects the same defect in the deliverable that has already been identified during a previous inspection. The project manager is confused about how this could have happened since a change request was approved to repair the defect. After discussing the issue with the team, the project manager learns that the team never implemented the approved change request.

What could have helped prevent this situation?


A. Holding an approved change requests review
B. Conducting a retrospective meeting
C. Performing a root cause analysis
D. Creating a quality report


Correct answer: A


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Question 5


The team has just reported to you that they have completed the Plan Quality Management process. You review their work and see that they have produced the quality management plan, and made the necessary updates to the project management plan and project documents.

What did they forget?


A. Determine quality metrics
B. Define quality roles and responsibilities
C. Revise the lessons learned register
D. Update the requirements traceability matrix


Correct answer: A


Question 6


You are managing a project to build a house for a private client. A few weeks before the project’s planned completion date, the client calls and asks to add an outdoor sauna to the property. You analyze the project schedule and determine that this change would be fairly easy to implement without having an impact on the completion date.

What should you do first?


A. Begin construction since the project completion date is not violated
B. Review the requested change against all project constraints
C. Have the sponsor verify if the change violates construction regulations
D. Consult with the change control board on how to handle the change


Correct answer: B


Question 7


You have been asked to lead a product development project which will use an agile framework. Currently, you are in the process of drafting the project charter, and you want to bring together stakeholders and subject matter experts to discuss perceived project risk, success criteria, and other topics.

What is the best way for you to accomplish this objective?


A. Facilitate an iteration retrospective
B. Invite the relevant participants to the daily scrum meetings
C. Conduct interviews with the identified individuals
D. Schedule a focus group


Correct answer: D


Question 8


A multi-phase project has reached a phase gate. The key project stakeholders want to determine if the phase has met its success criteria and if the project should proceed to the next phase.

In addition to the project management plan, which documents will be required?


A. Risk register and risk report
B. Lessons learned register and lessons learned repository
C. Business documents and project charter
D. Agreements including procurement contracts


Correct answer: C


Question 9


You are in the process of establishing a knowledge management system for your project.

Which of the following actions will be the least beneficial in this process?


A. Reviewing the lesson learned register
B. Monitoring stakeholder engagement
C. Examining the resource breakdown structure
D. Studying the project team assignments


Correct answer: B


Question 10


You are leading a large project that involves many stakeholders. You want to get two new team members up to speed with the overall dynamics of the project and engage effectively with the project stakeholders.

What should you do?


A. Ask the team members to record any issues they encounter into the issue log
B. Review the stakeholder register with the new team members
C. Schedule a meeting with the new team members and all project stakeholders
D. Submit a change request to update the stakeholder engagement plan


Correct answer: B


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