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Question 1


As part of the Direct and Manage Project Work process, the project manager conducts an iteration planning meeting. The meeting is dominated by the most senior developer who frequently and sharply interrupts the other team members. The project manager wants to ensure that during the next iteration planning meeting all voices are heard.

What is the project manager’s best course of action?


A. Discuss the issue with the senior developer, and for the next meeting allocate equal amounts of time for each team member to speak
B. Inform the senior developer’s functional manager about this unacceptable behavior and request that the manager take disciplinary action
C. Post a copy of the team’s social contract in the meeting room and review the contents at the start of the next iteration planning meeting
D. Invite the sponsor to the next iteration planning meeting to have the senior developer be more thoughtful in the presence of the sponsor


Correct answer: C


Question 2


The scrum master, business analyst, programmers, and testers have been assigned to a product development project. The performing organization is well-versed with the traditional waterfall framework but will incorporate scrum for the software development phase of the project.

What is the best strategy to ensure that all of the scrum roles and responsibilities are served in the project?


A. Remove the business analyst from the software development phase since that role is only associated with waterfall project management
B. Mentor the business analyst to serve in the role of the product owner during the software development phase since those roles are closely aligned
C. Request that one of the programmers serve as the voice-of-the-customer for the purposes of prioritizing the items in the product backlog
D. Ask the most experienced tester to approve or reject the deliverables during the sprint review as testers are typically most familiar with the product


Correct answer: B


Question 3


The construction project has many people and specialized teams at the worksite every day. Frequent communication between the team leads is critical for safety and efficiency.

Which agile ceremony can this project incorporate to increase timely cross-functional communication?


A. Iteration reviews
B. Risk-based spikes
C. Retrospectives
D. Daily standups


Correct answer: D


Question 4


At times over a project life cycle, the team must adopt a few agile ceremonies. The aim is to communicate quicker in times of tight deadlines. Unfortunately, team members are not getting the information needed during the ceremonies.

What is the best option to confirm that the information is received and understood?


A. Validate with the team that the information was captured and facilitate feedback discussions
B. Spread out the ceremonies over months between each event to ensure comprehension
C. Mandate that all project team members update the information radiators after each ceremony
D. Reduce the number of project team members that attend the ceremonies


Correct answer: A


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Question 5


A project manager is wrapping up the hardware development phase of a product development project. The project will now transition to the software development phase.

How might the project manager’s role change with respect to integration management?


A. Act as a servant leader by determining the relative size of the story points of the items in the product backlog
B. Delegate the control of the detailed project work planning and product delivery to the project team members
C. Ensure that the project team members each have specific tasks assigned to them and recorded in a Gantt chart
D. Strengthen the change management controls to ensure that scoop creep is minimized or entirely eliminated


Correct answer: B


Question 6


You are conducting a sprint retrospective in accordance with the communications management plan. The development team members want to try pair programming as they believe it will improve productivity by reducing rework. Even though you are very skeptical, you agree to implement the practice as you want to empower the team to be a self-managing unit.

What should you do next?


A. During the upcoming sprint, measure velocity and, if it decreases, discontinue pair programming and reprimand the team members
B. Invite the project sponsor and other key stakeholders to demonstrate the increased collaboration between the project team members
C. Submit a change request to update the communications management plan with the new agile practice of pair programming
D. At the end of the upcoming sprint, revise the burndown chart, evaluate the productivity, and update the lessons learned register


Correct answer: D


Question 7


A project manager is leading a daily standup meeting with a scrum team as part of the Direct and Manage Project Work process. A developer raises an impediment stating that he is struggling with the software code necessary to authenticate users on the sign-in page. The developer indicates that the impediment could result in a schedule delay to the current sprint.

What is the project manager’s best course of action?


A. Write the software code for the developer since it is the project manager’s responsibility to remove impediments
B. Submit a change request to update the schedule baseline to reflect the delay caused by the impediment
C. Move the user authentication feature back into the project backlog and ask the product owner to reprioritize it
D. Recommend that the scrum team members use swarming as a technique to clear the impediment


Correct answer: D


Question 8


Collecting requirements for the project and creating the WBS has been a daunting task because stakeholders’ needs are vague and are only expressed in the most general terms due to the nature of the project. As a result of this uncertainty, the project manager is concerned about excessive changes, wasted work, and rework anticipated during project execution.

What is the project manager’s best course of action?


A. Develop a project scope statement and decompose it down to the work package level as part of initial project planning
B. Request that the project team use an iterative and incremental approach to product development with short feedback loops
C. Implement a robust change control system to only allow for the most important changes to be incorporated into the product
D. Generate an activity list from what is currently known and use the Kanban board to break the activities down to their tasks


Correct answer: B


Question 9


A project manager is implementing the requirements management plan for a software upgrade project that will incorporate some agile elements. The project manager needs to quickly define cross-functional requirements and reconcile stakeholder differences to build a consensus among the relevant stakeholders.

What is the project manager’s best course of action?


A. Create a questionnaire and send it out to all of the stakeholders to determine the project requirements
B. Conduct an in-person interview with each of the relevant stakeholders to determine their needs
C. Facilitate a requirements workshop with all of the relevant stakeholders to develop user stories
D. Perform a job shadowing exercise with the intended end-users of the existing software


Correct answer: C


Question 10


The organization?s leadership wants projects to include more agile methodologies.

Before mandating any agile methods to be used in a project, what should be done first?


A. Pause current projects to align them to the new agile cadence
B. Ask employees to vote on who wants to take part in agile projects
C. Assess organizational culture and readiness for the transformation
D. Provide agile training to those who will be part of the pilot project team


Correct answer: C


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