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Question 1


You are establishing the relative priorities of individual risks identified in the project.

Which of the following tasks is the least likely to impact this prioritization?


A. Reviewing the assumption log
B. Examining the risk register
C. Researching the stakeholder register
D. Creating the risk report


Correct answer: D


Question 2


Team members are frequently changing during the long timeline of a multi-phase project. The project manager is questioning whether to include agile practices to accommodate the changes.

What should the project manager do prior to moving to a hybrid approach?


A. Ensure project finances are secured for the next project phase
B. Reduce the team size to nine people, plus or minus two
C. Target a smaller project as a proof of concept to test the feasibility
D. Evaluate the benefits of incorporating agile practices


Correct answer: D


Question 3


Midway into project execution, new cybersecurity laws take an immediate effect and require audits of the system. The project has a well thought out project management plan. The audits may come at any time throughout the system?s development.

What is the best way for the project manager and team to address the risk of audits disrupting the project plans?


A. Handle the audits as an unplanned spike
B. Reschedule the audits to the end of the project
C. Request that the sponsor removes the audits
D. Inform stakeholders that the project will miss its objectives


Correct answer: A


Question 4


A plan-driven project has many deliverables planned to be released at the end of the phase. The project manager wants to ensure that the deliverables are completed as expected.

Which agile practices can the project manager recommend to the team to make certain that the deliverables are completed and delivered as expected?


A. Definition of ready and iteration reviews
B. User stories and confidence votes
C. Definition of done and demonstrations
D. Backlog refinement and retrospectives


Correct answer: C


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Question 5


A project manager facilitates a discussion with the team about experimenting with some agile practices in their plan-driven project. A suggestion of incorporating daily standups is on the table. The team members, however, are unsure of what is expected of them.

What can the project manager suggest the project team members do prior to the daily standup?


A. Make sure their work progress is reflected in the burndown chart
B. Submit the necessary progress reports to the product owner
C. Estimate work items that will be developed after the daily standup
D. Resolve any defects that have been found in the previous day


Correct answer: A


Question 6


The project team is undergoing an agile transformation. This requires the team members to maintain their original project plans in the current management tool, but also enter performance data in the new tool built around agile practices. The team identifies that the information in the two tools is out of sync. This risk has been identified earlier in project planning.

What is the best course of action for the project manager?


A. Accept the risk since agile values individuals and interactions over processes and tools
B. Recognize that the risk has now become an issue and implement the planned response
C. Conduct a probability and impact assessment to determine a risk score
D. Communicate to the project sponsor that work may be delayed due to clerical errors

Correct answer: B


Question 7


Projects in a program are using various project management approaches, such as plan-driven, agile, hybrid. The project teams are complaining that because of that, the team members must enter the same work, hours, risks, and other data in multiple tools. The redundant work is impeding on their productivity time.

What is the best course of action for the program manager?


A. Direct the teams to continue entering the data in the various systems
B. Determine what tools and data provide the appropriate oversight
C. Switch all projects in the program to the agile project management approach
D. Pause all data entry until a valuable solution can be determined


Correct answer: B


Question 8


An organization is to undertake a multi-phased project. The sponsor wants to pursue the project objectives as they have been planned but also wants to accommodate and adjust to new information and changes in the environment as the project progresses.

Which project management approach should the project manager select for this project?


A. Waterfall
B. Agile
C. Hybrid
D. Phased


Correct answer: C


Question 9


Senior leadership has returned from a conference where they have learned about the agile practice of retrospectives. Even though the organization does not manage any projects in an agile manner, they mandate that from now on this ceremony is included in all projects.

How should the outputs from the retrospectives be stored and managed?


A. Senior leadership determines the location of the outputs and who may access the contents
B. The project team stores the outputs in a location that the project manager can control and limit changes
C. The project team determines a location that is accessible for relevant stakeholders to view and track
D. The project manager establishes the location and allows the customer to view and make recommendations


Correct answer: C


Question 10


The resource management plan for an international project calls for a scrum team to be colocated during the regular workweek. However, after five sprints were completed, the project manager got a change request approved to cut costs by transitioning the team to a virtual environment working remotely from their homes with the start of the sixth sprint.

After the team begins working remotely, what will be the best method to understand the impact of the change on the team’s productivity?


A. Check the product burndown chart to look for any changes to the trendline
B. Calculate the CPI at the end of each sprint to determine the change in the team’s productivity
C. Review the product burnup chart to compare velocity before and after the change
D. Update the project schedule network diagram to reflect the changes in the team’s environment


Correct answer: C


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