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Question 1


Recently, you promoted your star programmer, Pam, to lead the agile development team. Pam was a fantastic software coder, and you thought the promotion would mean that she could now share her expertise with the other development team members. But, you observe that Pam’s performance in her new role is underwhelming and not at par with your expectations. Which empirical rule have you ignored or forgotten while considering Pam’s promotion?


A. Pareto concept
B. Murphy’s law
C. Expectancy theory
D. Halo effect


Correct answer: D


Question 2


While reviewing a requirements management plan of a project, you notice that one of the components does not belong there. Which among these is the odd one?


A. A process that describes how the project requirements will be prioritized
B. How requirement activities will be planned, tracked, and reported
C. The metrics that will be used and the rationale for using them
D. A process that specifies how a project scope statement will be prepared


Correct answer: D


Question 3


As part of a process improvement project for a factory operation, the project and team are performing the process of monitoring and controlling project work. Which of the following is done during this process?


A. Drawing an actual comparison of project performance against the project management plan
B. Gaining formal acceptance of the deliverables by the customer or sponsor
C. Implementing approved change requests to achieve the project’s objectives
D. Analyzing change requests and either approving or rejecting them


Correct answer: A


Question 4


A company sets up a change control board (CCB) dedicated to the purpose of reviewing and evaluating the changes submitted for all projects. Which of the following best describes an individual or group that can request a change on a project in a situation where the project sponsor is a member of the CCB?


A. Project sponsor
B. Any stakeholder
C. Project manager
D. Project team


Correct answer: B


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Question 5


You want to replace a contractor because they are not performing to the agreed-upon standards and engage another contractor for the same job. You need to determine the specific legal procedure for the early termination of the contract. What should you do?


A. Check the procurement management plan
B. Review the risk register
C. Look at the scope statement
D. Consult the contract


Correct answer: D


Question 6


In a project divided into four phases in sequence, what should the project manager do when the second phase is over and the third one is about to begin?


A. Begin the process of directing and managing the project work
B. Start the process of monitoring and controlling the project work
C. Perform the process of identifying the project stakeholders
D. Begin the process of developing the project management plan


Correct answer: C


Question 7


The project management office (PMO) of an organization ensures all project management processes and all relevant project documents conform to the established best practices. What is the first thing that the project manager should review to identify stakeholders for a new project?


A. The stakeholder engagement plan to identify what management strategies and actions can work best to effectively engage the stakeholders
B. The business documents to obtain information about the stakeholders
C. The requirements documentation to know more about potential stakeholders
D. The communications management plan to learn about the project’s stakeholders


Correct answer: B


Question 8


Using an agile framework, you are to lead a product development project. You want to bring together stakeholders and SMEs to discuss risk, success criteria and other topics. What is the best way for you to accomplish this objective?


A. Facilitate an iteration retrospective
B. Conduct interviews with the identified individuals
C. Schedule a focus group
D. Invite the relevant participants to the daily scrum meetings


Correct answer: C


Question 9


As part of preparing the communications management plan for a project in construction, you want to determine the needs of the project stakeholders with respect to information. Your focus is on the type and format of information required to pass on to them. What is your best course of action?


A. Conduct a communication requirements analysis
B. Consult the stakeholder engagement plan
C. Develop the stakeholder register
D. Review the requirements documentation


Correct answer: A


Question 10


To reduce the defect rate of a manufacturing process, a project is carried out. The project team is carrying out QA activities to analyze and improve the process. Which of the following would be the most beneficial for this project?


A. Utilizing rolling wave planning for the project
B. Introducing the use of a kanban board into the manufacturing process
C. Adopting a just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing process
D. Consulting with a certified Six Sigma Black Belt expert


Correct answer: D


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