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Question 1


A project manager for a software technology project works in a matrixed organization with virtual teams. Unfortunately, the functional manager informs the project manager that there may not be any resources available to test the software.

What should the project manager do next?


A. Request a teleconference meeting with the sponsor to submit a change request to allow the development team to conduct testing
B. Engage with the functional manager to discuss details to obtain the required support
C. Discuss testing requirements at the weekly project meeting to negotiate the best approach to test software
D. Send an email to the procurement specialist to negotiate with a company that specializes in software testing


Correct answer: B


Question 2


A project manager is leading a team of diverse individuals of all ages. The working hours for the project were set at the beginning of the project, and all team members agreed to the hours. However, later in the project, one of the team members informed the project manager that the previously agreed upon hours no longer work due to the team member’s personal commitments.

What should the project manager do?


A. Discuss the lack of dedication with the team member and their functional manager
B. Allow the most senior team members to decide the time that works for the team
C. Remove the team member from the project team to be fair to the other members
D. Reassess the team’s hours collaboratively so that the team is not impeded by the issue


Correct answer: D


Question 3


A company is implementing a growth strategy by constructing a new production facility, which will soon move into the operation phase. Although a governance policy was already in place, the company must comply with new financial regulations that have been recently implemented. Compliance with the regulations will cause a major change in project scope.

How should the project manager respond to this requirement?


A. Perform an analysis to assess the Impact on the project.
B. Proceed with the existing company governance policy.
C. Escalate the issue to upper management and let them decide.
D. Directly comply with the financial regulations.


Correct answer: A


Question 4


A project manager has been assigned to an emergency project that must be completed within the next few weeks. The project manager realizes this will have an impact on the local community. As the work is near a school, the project manager has engaged with them to understand their needs.


How should the project manager ensure the work continues smoothly?


A. Postpone the required work on the project until school holidays begin
B. Continue the work as planned and inform the school when the project team arrives on-site
C. Advise the school to close for the duration of the project work
D. Liaise with the school to include nonworking project hours during school start and finish times


Correct answer: D


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Question 5


It is late at night on a weekend when a team member calls the project manager on the telephone. The team member is crying about the pressures of an upcoming deadline.

What should the project manager do?


A. Review the organization’s human resources (HR) policy.
B. Empathize with the team member and discuss next steps.
C. Ask the team member to send their concerns in writing.
D. Schedule a meeting with the team member for the next work day.


Correct answer: B


Question 6


A team is having a hard time completing work due to unclear requirements. They have not been able to complete an iteration successfully in several months.

In order to help the team, what should the project leader do?


A. Recommend that the team reviews the length of the iteration with the stakeholders.
B. Recommend that the product owner reviews the backlog refinement processes.
C. Recommend limiting the work in progress to improve the team’s focus.
D. Recommend a review of the team members’ individual performances.


Correct answer: C


Question 7


A project manager for an agile project is concerned that the team has been losing momentum over the last iterations.

Which two tools should the project manager use to analyze team performance? (Choose two.)


A. Burndown chart
B. Product backlog burnup chart
C. Cumulative flow diagram of completed features
D. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
E. Project schedule


Correct answer: AB


Question 8


A project manager is working with the team to deliver a project in a company that uses different delivery methods. The project manager is concerned about the communication channels currently suggested by the project management office (PMO) because some information is taking too much time to reach the team members, causing negative consequences for delivery.

How should the project manager avoid this situation in the future?


A. Agree with the project team on a suitable collaboration and make sure information is shared at all times.
B. Use the same methods until the end of the current delivery and suggest new ones during the retrospective.
C. Refer to the policies and frameworks used at the company enterprise level and inform the project team members.
D. Tell the sponsor that the project manager will use their own communication model to ensure on-time delivery.
Correct answer: A


Question 9


A company must implement a new regulation. The government has specified the date when the regulation will be enforced but has only provided high-level information on the regulation’s requirements. Therefore, changes in definitions are to be expected due to uncertainty.

Which life cycle should the project manager use for this project?


A. A predictive execution strategy
B. An iterative execution strategy
C. An agile execution strategy
D. A hybrid execution strategy


Correct answer: D


Question 10


A project manager is managing a project that has a new sponsor who is cutting the budget.

As a servant leader, how should the project manager handle the budget cuts with the team?


A. Notify the project sponsor that the budget reduction will require a schedule slip and scope reduction.
B. Collaborate with the team to assess the impact of the change on the project and recommend an updated project plan.
C. Inform each team member that they must release a portion of their budget but must remain on schedule with no change to the scope.
D. Meet with the schedule coordinator and financial analyst to tell them which budget lines to reduce and where to release slack.


Correct answer: B
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