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Question 1


After conducting a performance assessment, the project manager identified that some gaps still exist.
What should the project manager ensure?


A. Awards are given to all team members for playing a role in the project and undertaking the assessment.
B. Performance improvement programs are organized for all team members who were assessed.
C. All team members rotate their job schedules immediately to make them versatile.
D. Assessment results are kept private and not shared among team members.


Correct answer: D


Question 2


A project is in the execution phase. The client was actively involved in the early stages but has been less engaged lately. A number of changes to the requirements have recently been requested.
What should the project manager do next?


A. Discuss the changes with the client and jointly make the decision on how to proceed.
B. Reject the changes and stay the original course as initially agreed with the client.
C. Review the risk register to see if mitigations have already been outlined for this scenario.
D. Review the changes and make the decision based on the project team’s recommendations.


Correct answer: A


Question 3


A technician is scheduled to install internet service at the homes of three remote call center agents who have different working schedules. Their functional managers arranged time off to allow time for installation and testing. The carrier sends an email to the project manager stating that one appointment is delayed for
2 days.
What does the project manager need to do now?


A. Inform the product owner
B. Inform the project sponsor
C. Inform the relevant stakeholders
D. Inform the project team only

Correct answer: C


Question 4


A team member in an agile project informs the project manager they might not be able to finish an assigned task on time, which could generate an obstacle for the rest of the team.
What should the project manager do?


A. Ask the team member to bring up the concern in the next daily meeting
B. Send an email explaining the issue to all team members
C. Reassign the task to another team member
D. Move the task to the next sprint


Correct answer: A


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Question 5


A project manager has been assigned to manage multiple agile project teams. The project manager wants to empower the teams and make them self-organizing.
What should the project manager do to create a positive environment?


A. Help the teams in establishing and adhering to their ground rules and revisit after regular intervals
B. Copy the ground rules established by another project and provide them to the teams
C. Establish the team ground rules and share them with the team for strict adherence
D. Extract the organization’s policies and processes, customize them, and give them to the teams to adhere to


Correct answer: A


Question 6


An agile coach and technical writer for a globally distributed agile team are in a country with a 9-hour time zone difference from the agile team. The agile coach and project lead disagree on the timing for the daily standup. The project lead thinks the standup should be at 10:00 am local time, but the agile coach and technical writer feel that is an inconvenient time for them.
How does the project lead ensure adherence to agile practices?


A. Inform the agile coach that the daily standup will be at 10:00 am local time and ensure all parties can attend
B. Escalate to management that the agile process is not going to work and ask them to speak to the agile coach
C. Have a discussion with the team on the approach and come to a decision on when the daily standups should be
D. Have two separate daily standups, one for the agile coach and technical writer and one for the agile development team


Correct answer: C


Question 7


A project manager receives a suggestion from a team member for improving the product attributes without impacting the schedule or cost. This will add value to the project and the customer.
What should the project manager do?


A. Reject the suggestion and ask the team member to focus on executing the plan
B. Ask the team member to submit a formal change request
C. Accept the suggestion as it has no impact on the project
D. Ask another team member to validate the impacts of the suggestion


Correct answer: B


Question 8


During the third iteration of a project, the main sponsor retired from the company, and a new sponsor was appointed. The new sponsor is not familiar with the agile approach for project delivery, which leads them to request more control over the project team.
What should the project manager do?


A. Schedule a meeting with the new sponsor in order to explain the agile approach and how teams are supposed to be self-organized
B. Review the sponsor’s request with the project team during the next daily review meeting in order to provide the requested control
C. Schedule an emergency meeting with the project team so they fulfill every request that comes from the sponsor
D. Review the sponsor’s request with the project team during the next iteration review meeting in order to obtain a team decision


Correct answer: A


Question 9


A medium-sized company has been exploring new marketing tactics with regard to launching a new product. New product creation is no small task. In the end, it was too big of an expenditure for the company to undertake.
What should the project manager do in the future when working on new product projects?


A. Make use of kanban boards so all stakeholders have a clear view of the project and provide their help accordingly
B. Train the team to first find the minimum viable product (MVP) that will deliver value to the customer
C. Increase the contingency reserve and prepare the team for applying fast-failing techniques when the estimates veer from the initial plan
D. Adopt a chain management approach, developing products based on the same platform and infrastructure


Correct answer: B


Question 10


A project manager is managing a few innovation projects with a high level of uncertainty. The project manager is experiencing challenges with the large number of change requests issued due to the nature of the project.
What should the project manager do?


A. Reduce the number of approvers required to implement a change request
B. Request sponsor approval for all change requests to reduce the number of changes
C. Initiate the number of iterations to reduce the number of change requests
D. Add a fixed number of change requests allowed by the client on the project baseline

Correct answer: C


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