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Question 1


A project manager is starting a new project, and the project team is located in different countries. The team was going to use a specific tool to hold virtual meetings. However, that tool is not available in one team member’s country.
How should the project manager deal with this situation?


A. Contact the project sponsor to have the team member removed from the project
B. Ask the team member to move to another location where the tool is available
C. Investigate alternative tools for virtual meetings that are available to all team members
D. Start the project and use email to communicate with the team member until the tool is available


Correct answer: C


Question 2


Halfway through a project, the project sponsor is replaced by another peer who was not previously engaged in the project. The new project sponsor has rejected most of the project artifacts, and the team did not get the latest increment approved on the current iteration. Stakeholders are not feeling confident about the project outcome.
What should the project manager have done to prevent this situation?


A. Performed a stakeholder analysis when the sponsor joined the project
B. Held a governance meeting to review the project increment
C. Escalated the issue to ensure the increment would be approved
D. Conducted a product iteration review with the new project sponsor


Correct answer: A


Question 3


A regulatory branch of an environmental government agency has recently placed a ban on the manufacturing of a specified thickness of plastic packaging products. This ban will take effect in 12 months. The project manager for a startup firm working in alternative packaging has been monitoring the progress of this law for a while and, as part of the risk management, has identified new products that can support a growing customer base.
What should the project manager do next?


A. Begin a marketing campaign to sell alternative packaging after the 12-month period ends
B. Organize a meeting with all stakeholders and review the stakeholder engagement plan
C. Continue production processes and plan to discuss changes at the next annual target review meeting
D. Inform management of the new law as an opportunity to expand market share and share the proposed products


Correct answer: D


Question 4


A project manager is part of a balanced matrix project organization. The project manager will receive all work performance updates directly from the new sourcing department head who has no time to spare to give the project manager the information.
What should the project manager do?


A. Discuss the situation with the company project sponsor for advice
B. Request information directly from the sourcing department team members
C. Work out a resolution in consultation with the sourcing department head
D. Present the situation to the manager of the sourcing department head


Correct answer: C


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Question 5


A project manager has just been hired by a company without a project management governance structure. During the kick-off meeting, a key stakeholder emphasizes the importance of the project meeting the company’s strategy, investment, and compliance requirements.
What should the project manager do?


A. Put into place a project governance model in line with the requirements
B. Replicate the organizational governance to the project governance
C. Create an organizational project management governance
D. Ask the organization to create a project portfolio governance


Correct answer: A


Question 6


A third-party supplier demands payment for the services provided for a project. The agreement was that payment would be made after the organization receives payment from the client. The third-party supplier lacks the capital to meet their payroll and has informed the project manager that if they do not receive payment quickly, they will withdraw team members from the project.
What should the project manager do?


A. Explain the third-party supplier situation to the client and request payment.
B. Inform the client that the project must be delayed until payment is received.
C. Reassign resources from other projects to pay the third-party supplier.
D. Process a bank loan to pay the payroll of the third-party supplier.


Correct answer: A


Question 7


A project manager is developing the stakeholder register and is having trouble understanding the motivation of some of the stakeholders.
What should the project manager do to get this information?


A. Identify each stakeholder’s motivations from the business case.
B. Request stakeholders articulate their motivations at the kick-off meeting.
C. Email project objectives to all stakeholders and ask for endorsement.
D. Organize a one-on-one conversation with each stakeholder.


Correct answer: A


Question 8


During a project’s initiation phase, a lessons learned sharing session was held with the team from another project. Low construction productivity was discussed as a potential delay to project completion.
What should the project manager do next?


A. Discuss this issue with the project sponsor to request additional funding to implement mitigation
B. Prequalify contractors with proven track records to eliminate productivity concerns
C. Add construction productivity to the risk register and develop a mitigation strategy for site execution
D. Hire a construction management consultant to develop a comprehensive site execution plan


Correct answer: C


Question 9


A project manager is managing a mobile application development project when one of the experienced team members starts missing deadlines. The delays will impact project implementation.
What should the project manager do next?


A. Assign an additional resource to help the team member with the tasks
B. Ask the team member’s functional manager if there are any known issues
C. Convene a team meeting to encourage and motivate the entire team
D. Meet with the team member to understand their concerns and/or issues


Correct answer: D


Question 10


A project manager is leading a hybrid project. The only available resources that have experience with agile are not at the project manager’s location. The project has a strict schedule and budget, and the project manager is concerned about their ability to deliver it.
What should the project manager do?


A. Engage the agile resources through video conferencing on a daily basis
B. Advise the sponsor that the project will be delayed as agile training will be required
C. Request a budget extension to get local resources experienced in agile
D. Plan to have the agile resources temporarily relocate to the project manager’s location

Correct answer: A

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