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Question 1


An agile facilitator has gathered a team for a new project. This team and facilitator have not yet worked on a project together.
How should the facilitator proceed?


A. Set up a lessons learned session from a similar project.
B. Hold a team charter discussion.
C. Schedule a release planning session.
D. Conduct a product roadmap session with the team.


Correct answer: B


Question 2


A project manager has been assigned to lead a software project to generate savings at an important financial institution. Initially, the duration of the project was 13 months, but due to various issues during execution, the project was extended to 16 months. By month 11, the expected savings were exceeded but not all of the functionalities planned for that date were fulfilled.
How should the project manager inform the stakeholders of the project’s progress?


A. Complete the outstanding functionalities before informing the sponsor of the project progress
B. Communicate the benefit expectations and the action plan for the pending functionalities
C. Send an email with the monthly project progress to all relevant stakeholders
D. Report that the project has not fulfilled all the expected functionalities


Correct answer: B


Question 3


A project manager is working on the delivery of a solution that needs to be deployed to the public quickly. The project team is experienced, the stakeholders are supporting the delivery, and the customer is cooperating.
What strategy should the project manager use to ensure on-time delivery of the solution?


A. Meet with the customer to agree on the components of the solution and the priorities
B. Ask the sponsor for support regarding the allocation of additional resources to finish on time
C. Have a high-level plan for incremental deliveries and get the customer’s feedback as early as possible
D. Have a detailed plan of all milestones, deliverables, functionalities, and allocation of resources


Correct answer: C


Question 4


There is frequent conflict between two project team members working on a project. This has caused a negative impact on the project.
How should the project manager handle this situation?


A. Counsel both team members and caution them with a final warning.
B. Relocate the two project team members into different project teams.
C. Escalate the issue to the human resources (HR) manager before a larger problem develops.
D. Help cultivate self-awareness between the two team members through emotional intelligence (EI).


Correct answer: D


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Question 5


A few virtual team members are located in a region that generally has good internet connectivity. However, they frequently experience connectivity issues joining team calls during the day.
What should the project manager do?


A. Determine what the problem is and develop an action plan
B. Ask the team members to use chat tools as an alternative to calls
C. Procure tools that consume less bandwidth for internet calls
D. Record the meeting to share with the team members who were unable to join


Correct answer: A


Question 6


A company’s CEO complains about the frequency of project communications. The CEO receives five project reports each week by email but does not have enough time to review them. In addition, the information that the CEO receives is not relevant in that it does not explain the project status.
What should the project manager do first?


A. Meet with the team and decide the type and frequency of the reports to send to the CEO
B. Send the CEO one executive summary per week instead of five reports per week
C. Review the communications management plan
D. Review the stakeholder engagement plan.


Correct answer: C


Question 7


A project manager finds it challenging to comply with standardized processes for knowledge transfer. The project teams and stakeholders are scattered around field sites, the office, and remote locations. In addition, some team members have limited access to the electronically shared files.
How should the project manager manage this challenge?


A. Study the environment and the available resources to determine which approach to use.
B. Send the intended information through email since it is the primary communication tool.
C. Communicate a strong message to the team explaining the importance of knowledge transfer.
D. Request changes in the processes since it is not suitable for the company environment.


Correct answer: A


Question 8


During iteration planning, team A identifies that an important deliverable is dependent upon a deliverable from team B.
What should the project manager do?


A. Ask team B to focus on their backlog and deliver based on their priority
B. Inform team B of the dependency and ensure that the deliverable is planned
C. Make team A a part of team B and ensure that the deliverable is ready
D. Request team B to immediately start this activity and deliver to team A


Correct answer: B


Question 9


A large construction project is progressing well as per the project objectives. The project manager would like to report the project’s value to the project sponsor and seek the next phase of funding closure.
What should the project manager do?


A. Ensure a measurement system is in place like earned value analysis (EVA) to track project value for the project sponsor
B. Create a detailed project report on successes and challenges for the project sponsor
C. Submit a detailed report on the cost budget vs. the cost actuals as the project sponsor will want to know more about finances
D. Arrange a site visit to show the project sponsor the construction progress in person


Correct answer: A


Question 10


A project manager is planning a project with multiple work packages. Each work package has its own defined scope, but funding will be at the project level.
How should the project manager determine if the allocated resource budget is sufficient to cover the resource costs of the project?


A. Estimate the costs at the work package level and add those costs to calculate the total cost of the project and compare it to the allocated budget.
B. Create a budget burndown and a scope burnup and then verify that the project scope is completed before the allocated budget is depleted.
C. Divide the allocated budget by the number of work packages and verify that each work package can be completed within the allocated budget.
D. Fund each work package in the order of its importance and shift any remaining scope from non-funded work packages to funded work packages.

Correct answer: D

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