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Question 1


A project manager has been assigned a project to build a new solar farm that will provide clean energy to a new housing complex. The government has decided to reduce the tax on renewable energy products starting 1 January. The supplier has reached out and stated that the order placed for solar panels to be delivered on
20 December might be delayed until early January. On the other hand, the project will face similar constraints due to the December holidays.
What should the project manager do about this risk?


A. Review the supplier’s contract to understand the terms of sale
B. Insist that the supplier deliver the goods on the agreed date
C. Update the risk register and take advantage of the opportunity
D. Accept the risk and update the risk register


Correct answer: C


Question 2


A project manager is assigned to manage a project for a previous client of the company. The project manager was warned that this client will likely try to add extra scope to the project without considering the impact of change on time, cost, quality, and risks.
Which action should the project manager take to help plan and manage the budget and resources?


A. Refuse to allow the client to change the scope and examine the lessons learned register.
B. Decompose the deliverables into work packages and review the project charter.
C. Create tight scope statements and review the historical information.
D. Include a scope change process and review the project charter.


Correct answer: D


Question 3


A project manager is managing a project with a hybrid approach and has requested a senior team member to perform a quantitative risk analysis. The team member responds that they do not have the knowledge to perform such an analysis.
What should the project manager do?


A. Help the team member to perform the quantitative risk analysis through coaching, mentoring, and training
B. Escalate the issue to the functional manager
C. Perform the quantitative risk analysis for the team member
D. Contact the project management office (PMO) and request them to assign another team member who has the knowledge to perform this task to the team


Correct answer: A


Question 4


A senior developer working on a large artificial intelligence (AI) project has worked hard and shown excellent results. The project manager is very happy with the developer’s contribution and thinks that the developer deserves a reward.
What should the project manager do?


A. Create an opportunity for the project team to recognize this developer
B. Print a recognition certificate and present it to the developer during a meeting
C. Send a recognition email to the team and copy management
D. Reward the developer according to their motivations and interests


Correct answer: D


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Question 5


A global program is being kicked off, and various distributed teams are involved in delivering the initiative. Besides planning and executing the scope for the initiative, team interactions must be considered.
How should the project teams interact in their meetings?


A. Videoconferencing
B. Encrypted emails
C. Phone conversations
D. Chat conversations


Correct answer: A


Question 6


A project manager is part of a global project team and is in charge of managing the scope defined by their country. There is a clear division regarding which pieces of the scope should be treated by global and local teams. During the last sprints, the project manager has been receiving requests that the global team should handle.
What should the project manager do in this situation?


A. Assess the team’s capacity to absorb the workload
B. Evaluate and understand the cause of the conflict
C. Escalate the situation to the project sponsor
D. Reject the workload back to the global team


Correct answer: B


Question 7


A company is transitioning projects from a predictive to an agile approach. The CFO is concerned that one of the agile projects has an important feature for the financial department that is being delayed for a later iteration.
What should the project manager do to clarify the situation?


A. Request support from the CEO on how to deal with the situation
B. Increase the size of the team in order to match any prior expectations of the CFO
C. Create an executive board to review the product backlog and replan the next iterations
D. Clarify with the CFO that the prioritization process is based on business value
Correct answer: D


Question 8


A project manager for a technologically complex engagement reviews the key project indicators with the main stakeholders on a regular basis. During one of the meetings, the project sponsor explains that they are using the project manager’s risk register as a way to communicate about the project at the executive level.
How should the project manager ensure that project risks are reported accurately in the risk register?


A. Update the risks in the risk management plan
B. Review the risks throughout project execution
C. List the project risks identified in the kick-off meeting
D. Plan to update the risks at project closure


Correct answer: B


Question 9


A project manager recently finished a project and started managing a new project with a different supervisor. As part of the early project activities, the supervisor from the original project is assigned to the team as a nonsupervisory resource and immediately begins challenging all decisions made by the current supervisor.
What should the project manager do to resolve this conflict?


A. Ensure the new supervisor takes the lead when being challenged
B. Give the project team time to work through the issues with the new supervisor
C. Immediately remove the resource from the project team
D. Communicate with the resource on the roles and responsibilities of this project

Correct answer: D


Question 10


A project manager sent the first communication about the project management plan to the team. The next day, two field engineers were asking about their roles and the project schedule.
What should the project manager have done?


A. Sent the roles and responsibilities matrix along with the project management plan
B. Confirmed that the communication was understood and solicited feedback from the team
C. Briefed each team member on their roles before sending the project management plan
D. Discussed the roles with the managers to help explain them to their team members

Correct answer: B

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