Even the most self-assured of us might be nervous during an interview. They are sure to increase our heart rate, especially if it is for a responsible post such as a project manager. However, do not be frightened. You can assist yourself and calm your nerves by anticipating and preparing for the questions in advance.

In a project management interview, the hiring manager will ask some questions to ascertain whether your experience and management style are a good fit for the post. To succeed in a project management role, you must understand the most often asked project management interview questions and answers to prepare ahead of time.

We mentioned Scenario-Based Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers in the previous article (Top project management interview questions and answers in 2021). Today, we’ll continue our discussion of the following Project Management Interview Questions in this article:

  • Interview Questions on Domain Knowledge and Skills-Based Project Management
  • Interview Questions for Project Manager on Clear Communication
  • Interview Questions for Project Managers on Integrity and Consistency
  • Interview Questions for Project Manager on Customer Orientation
  • Interview Questions for Project Manager on Developing Others

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Interview Questions on Domain Knowledge and Skills-Based Project Management

A successful project manager should possess two characteristics: experience and a thorough understanding of project management theories. While one without the other limits performance, the ideal project manager must grasp project management principles. Interviewers frequently ask the following question to assess a candidate’s domain knowledge and skills:

16. What are the three primary difficulties confronting our industry today, and how can they be effectively addressed?

This question will assess your expertise in the field of project management. Not only should you describe three significant challenges, but also alternative remedies. Good examples can include problems you’ve personally encountered, as well as beneficial solutions you’ve implemented as a result of your experiences.

Consider the organization’s significant issues in the industry in which it works. Your response demonstrates your knowledge of the industry, the market, current problems, and possible solutions. This information is crucial for any project manager’s success since you will be tasked with resolving these issues inside the organization if recruited.

Interview Questions for Project Manager on Clear Communication

Communication is a critical skill for project managers. Without this, all other efforts will fail. Any project’s success is dependent on effective communication. According to the PMI® Research Conference, about 90% of a project manager’s time is spent communicating. Communication occurs between numerous groups and levels in today’s siloed enterprises, including internal and external stakeholder groups. The following are two communication-related questions that candidates were asked:

17. What communication problems did your most recent project present?

As a project manager, you’ll be responsible for efficiently communicating with your team on all initiatives. Nobody anticipates that communication difficulties will not develop. The interviewer is looking for, though, how you have dealt with similar situations in the past. It should be evident that you were still able to work efficiently with your team despite communication difficulties. For instance, perhaps you were able to arrange webchat meetings instead of face-to-face meetings as necessary. Consider a period when something similar occurred and how you handled the communication problems effectively to ensure that the project outcome remained positive.

18. How do you communicate with your teammates?

If your interviewer asks this, you’ll want to demonstrate that you’re a good communicator who motivates your team members. Not only should effective project managers be encouraging when distributing tasks to their team, but they also need to be transparent about their expectations. Make sure you emphasize your understanding of the critical nature of successful communication as a project manager.

While the first question enables the interviewer to assess your ability to communicate effectively in difficult situations, the second question elicits information about how you interact with others, your common sense and judgment, and your ability to use language effectively.

Interview Questions for Project Managers on Integrity and Consistency

In the realm of business, honesty and integrity are critical. Project managers are accountable for important obligations and resources such as time, money, and human capital. They also serve as the organization’s representatives to employees, customers, and vendors. They serve as role models for the rest of their team. Any inconsistency or lack of integrity might cost the organization far more than money. As a result, the following crucial questions will be asked of the candidate:

19. How do you convey negative news?

It’s possible that you’ve had to give terrible news as a project manager in the past, and your interviewer wants to see how you do so expressly. They want to know that you’re attentive and candid with everyone, that you’ve gathered all of the facts first, and that you’ve considered the impact of this news on your entire team—not just the individual to whom you’re delivering the terrible news directly.

20. How did you deal with employees who are disgruntled?

The interviewer is looking for evidence that you are a critical thinker and a problem solver. Even if you don’t have a specific example of sharing, emphasize that you always care about your team members and would like to determine the leading cause of their dissatisfaction. While it may be impossible to appease every disgruntled employee, the interviewer is looking for evidence that you will make an effort to resolve the matter and conduct yourself professionally.

21. Can you give some examples of situations when you kept your word despite the difficulty?

Even if you had a lot on your plate, interviewers want to hear specific examples of how you handled additional requests successfully. Consider an instance when you grudgingly agreed to a tricky proposition because you are supposed to make things happen as a project manager. Explain to the interviewer how you handled your work and time well to guarantee that you could keep an ambiguous promise.

Interview Questions for Project Manager on Customer Orientation

Project managers are accountable for identifying the customer’s needs and responding in a timely, efficient manner that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations. Additionally, they are responsible for developing and sustaining productive connections and earning the trust and respect of customers. Several questions are frequently asked to ascertain a candidate’s customer orientation:

22. How do you and your team ensure those customer requirements are met or exceeded?

In a nutshell, the interviewer wants to know how you thrive as a project manager in detail. After all, the ultimate purpose of project delivery is to meet (or exceed) client expectations. It’s critical to avoid being ambiguous and providing a generalized response; you’ll want to provide specific instances and facts about your method.

23. Can you share some of the most excellent methods you’ve employed to cultivate excellent customer relationships?

Current clients are the most likely to become repeat customers, and it is critical to building solid relationships with them beyond simply delivering what they paid for. The interviewer wants to know that you share this sentiment. Hence, as you describe how you’ve maintained excellent customer relationships, be sure to emphasize the critical nature of always having a very pleased customer.

Interview Questions for Project Manager on Developing Others

A project manager relies on their team to carry out tasks necessary to accomplish the project’s objectives. It is critical for a project manager to recognize talent, actively participate in the development, mentoring, and coaching of team members, and provide constructive feedback to them. Your responses to the following questions will indicate whether you are a team motivator:

24. How do you manage your team’s performance?

When responding to this question, it is critical to demonstrate your leadership abilities. Maintain a systematic approach to controlling your team’s performance daily—for example. Perhaps you hold weekly strategy talks and meetings. Additionally, you’ll want to demonstrate how your management style has resulted in improved team performance.

25. What methods do you use to motivate team members?

As a leader, it is critical to ensure that your team stays on schedule and gets excited about the tasks they are working on. Perhaps you use compliments for a job well done as a motivator. As long as you can provide examples of how you’ve motivated team members in the past, there is no correct or incorrect answer here.

26. What tools and resources have you employed to develop your team?

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your familiarity with some of the numerous technologies that project managers employ these days. Make a point of mentioning any software programs, web tools, or other items you’ve used to accomplish daily activities. Additionally, demonstrate that you are always willing to learn new tools or technologies.


An interview for project management does not have to be dreaded. The sample project management interview questions and answers provided above should help you confidently face the interviewer. However, for any of the questions, there can be no single correct answer. When answering the PM interview questions, use the answers as a guide, but remember to consider your personal experiences, background, skills, and shortcomings. Furthermore, SPOTO’s project management certification training courses, exam dumps, and application services may assist you in further mastering and developing these skills, as well as preparing you to move beyond the interview and land the job!

Best wishes in your career search.

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