Certifications allow project team members or leaders to prove their expertise, keep their knowledge up to date, and realize their trade benefits.

If you are part of a project team, a newly minted project manager, or aspiring to be one, obtaining a CAPM certificate is a fantastic starting point to advance your career, especially if you have yet to receive a college degree or establish a solid portfolio of completed projects.

However, preparation for the test can be complex. Because PMI does not provide a passing grade, it can be challenging to know if you are prepared. That is why taking a CAPM practice exam – or several – is critical to your preparation. Take the 100% real CAPM questions demo immediately to increase your chances of becoming a CAPM certified professional. This will prepare you for what to expect and help you keep calm during the exam by showing you common formats and techniques.

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2021 Free PMI-CAPM Exam Prep Practice Test


A project manager is performing the procurement management process with three vendors. The project team reviews the requests for proposals (RFPs). What type of procurement document is the RFP?

A. Bid document
B. Statement of work(Sow)
C. Source selection criteria
D. Independent cost estimate

Correct Answer: A


What is a method for categorizing stakeholders suitable for small projects with superficial relationships among stakeholders?

A. Prioritization
B. Directions of influence
C. Salience model
D. Power/influence grid

Correct Answer: D


What kind of approach or method would be best to use in a large organization with different types and sizes of projects?

A. Predictive
B. Adaptive
C. A mix
D. Agile

Correct Answer: C


A project manager needs to tailor the Project Cost Management process. Which considerations should the project manager apply?

A. Diversity background
B. Stakeholder’s relationships
C. Technical expertise
D. Knowledge management

Correct Answer: C

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If you use an Ishikawa diagram to determine the root cause of problems, which process are you engaged in?

A. Plan Quality Management
B. Control Quality
C. Risk Management
D. Plan Scope Management

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following must be included in the risk register when the project manager completes the Identify Risks process?

A. List of identified risks, potential risk owners, list of potential risk response
B. List of identified risks, list of causes, list of risk categories
C. Short risk titles, list of potential risk owners, list of impacts on objectives
D. List of activities affected, list of potential risk responses, list of causes

Correct Answer: A


Deciding the phases of a project life cycle would be considered a part of these knowledge areas?

A. Project Schedule Management
B. Project Scope Management
C. Project Resource Management
D. Project Integration Management

Correct Answer: D


A project manager uses their networking skills to build an agreement with a difficult stakeholder. What level of influence did the project manager apply?

A. Project level
B. Organizational level
C. Industry level
D. Influential level

Correct Answer: B


What does the creation of a project management plan accomplish?

A. Defines the basis of all project work and how it will be performed
B. Acknowledges the existence of a project and defines its high-level information
C. Authorizes the project manager to apply organizational resources to project activities
D. Provides the project manager with organizational standards, policies, processes, and procedures

Correct Answer: A


The project manager is working in the processes of Project Resource Management Which process is the project manager developing if they are using parametric estimation?

A. Plan Resource Management
B. Estimate Activity Resources
C. Estimate Costs
D. Acquire Resources

Correct Answer: B

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