PMP is the world’s most prestigious project management credential. The PMP certification exam consists of 180 questions and passing the exam demands a comprehensive PMP study plan. Taking practice with free PMP questions and answers before the exam is one of the most critical steps for achieving the PMP certification. Today, use this sample test to weed out the project management areas!

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PMP Exam Questions #21

Your company has entered into a joint venture with Service Company to develop a software program. Which of the following should be cooperatively prepared by both the buyer and the seller during teaming agreement process?

A. Contract
B. Contract, Procurement statement of work
C. Request for proposal
D. Human Resource Plan

Answer: B

In some cases, the seller may already be working under a contract funded by the buyer or jointly by both parties. The effort of the buyer and seller in this process is to collectively prepare a procurement statement of work that will satisfy the requirements of the project. The parties will then negotiate a final contract for an award.

Knowledge Area: Procurement Management

PMP Exam Questions #22

There are three projects that are possible to be executed in your company:

Project A: Payback period= 6 years & NPV =$ 3,000,000
Project B: Payback period=4 years & NPV =$ 2,000,000
Project C: Payback period=2 years &NPV =$ 1,000,000
Based on the Net Present Value (NPV) criterion, which project should be selected?

A. Project A
B. Project B
C. Project C
D. None of them, they all have an equal value

Answer: A

Project A has the highest NPV of $ 300,000. The time value of money is already taken into account when calculating the NPV of a project. Since Project A has the highest NPV, it should be selected.

PMP Exam Questions #23

You are trying to gather ideas related to project and product requirements. Which technique is appropriate for this?

A. Brainstorming
B. Nominal Group Technique
C. Affinity Diagram
D. Multi-criteria Decision Analysis

Answer: A

A technique used to generate and collect multiple ideas related to project and product requirements.

Knowledge Area: Scope Management

PMP Exam Questions #24

Your colleague Wayne, a project manager, completed an mp3 player development project. While he was telling his experiences from his project, he mentioned that they delivered an “adjustable screen timeout duration” feature without a deviation from the plan. However, the customer did not require it and was not in the scope of the project. He added that customer was amazed and happy when they saw this additional feature at the end of the project. Which of the following is correct about this story?

A. Gold plating was done in the project
B. Customer satisfaction increased with an additional feature which they did not expect
C. Change request has been delivered successfully
D. Unnecessary risk has been taken by adding a new feature to the product.

Answer: A

Gold plating refers to continuing to work on a project or task well past the point where the extra effort is worth the value it adds (if any). After meeting the requirements, the assignee further enhances the product, thinking the customer would be delighted to see additional or more polished features rather than what was asked for or expected.

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PMP Exam Questions #25

You have documented all possible risks that can affect your project with appropriate risk responses when they occur in your risk management plan. All other remaining risks are called as:

A. Risk Triggers
B. Unmanageable Risks
C. Residual Risks
D. Accepted Risks

Answer: C

Residual risks that are expected to remain after planned responses have been taken, as well as those that have been deliberately accepted.

Knowledge Area: Risk Management

PMP Exam Questions #26

You are working as a project manager in a company. You have the highest degree of authority, you are working full-time for your project, and you manage the project’s budget. What is the organizational structure in your company?

A. Strong Matrix
B. Projectized
C. Functional
D. Balanced Matrix

Answer: B

In a projectized organization structure, a project manager has the highest level of authority, works full-time, and manages the project’s budget.

Knowledge Area: Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle

PMP Exam Questions #27

You are the project manager of a software project team consisting of 2 analysts, four software developers, and 3 test engineers. One new test engineer will join the team in two weeks. What will be the number of communication channels after the latest test engineer joins the team?

A. 55
B. 50
C. 45
D. 36

Answer: A

The total number of potential communication channels is n(n-1)/2, where n represents stakeholders.

Your team has 10 team members already (2 analysts, 4 software developers, 3 test engineers, and you as a project manager). After a new test engineer joins, there will be 11 team members.

Number of communication channels = 11*(11-1)/2=11*10/2 = 55

Knowledge Area: Communications Management

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PMP Exam Questions #28

Jason is working at Meat King, a fast-food company. After several complaints about the drive-thru process, Meat King initiated a project for process improvement. Jason completed the project, and the following are the tracked benefits after project completion. Which of the following is an intangible benefit?

A. Drive-Thru customers increased by 7% after the project completion.
B. Complaints about the Drive-Thru service decreased by 88%.
C. Based on a survey, brand perception of the company increased by 9% related to Drive-Thru
D. The average service cost per Drive-Thru customer has decreased by 17% after project completion.

Answer: C

Tangible benefits are monetary or financial benefits that a project can bring to an organization. Intangible benefits are non-monetary benefits that a project can bring to an organization (e.g., brand image, customer satisfaction, etc.). An increase in brand perception is an intangible benefit.

Knowledge Area: Business Environment

PMP Exam Questions #29

The seller’s project is undertaken on contract, and you are an employee of the seller. Since you earlier worked with XYZ Factory, the buyer, you happen to be aware of the evaluation criteria used in XYZ Factory to select sellers. You understand that this could be a potential conflict of interest situation. How do you propose to act?

A. Do nothing and continue to work as before
B. Take the appropriate person in XYZ Factory into confidence and discuss this issue with her
C. Disclose the evaluation criteria to your (seller) organization and help their business growth
D. Remove yourself from the project

Answer: B

Since the evaluation criteria are the proprietary information of XYZ Factory, it is crucial for you to discuss the matter directly with the appropriate person in the XYZ Factory.

PMP Exam Questions #30

During the project planning phase, which of the following steps come latest compared to others?

A. Hold a kick-off meeting
B. Gain formal approval of the plan
C. Develop Budget
D. Develop Schedule

Answer: A

Following is the order of steps in the planning phase:
Develop schedule
Develop budget
Gain formal approval of the plan
Hold kick-off meeting
A kick-off meeting is the last step of the planning phase.

Where to next?

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