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Question 21

Which of the following is not one of the tools and techniques used in the Manage Team process?

A. Conflict management

B. Team performance assessments

C. Leadership

D. Project management information system

Answer: B

Explanation: Team performance assessments is an output of the Develop Team process and an input to the Manage Team process.

Question 22

You are managing a project with a lot of different detailed activities. The project is within budget and the SPI according to the latest earned value report is 1.2. The project risk review meetings are held according to an organized schedule and you are satisfied with the risk management activities of the project. However, you get notified by two different stakeholders that some of the project status reports are not accurate. Which tool will you use to verify whether there is a problem?

A. Observations

B. Quality audits

C. Inspection

D. Root-cause analysis

Answer: B

Explanation: According to the PMBOK® Guide (6th Edition), a quality audit is a structured, independent process to determine if project activities comply with organizational and project policies, processes, and procedures. In this specific case you need to do quality audits to make sure that your team is doing the project reporting in accordance with the project policies and standards.

Question 23

Which one of the following is not an input to the initiating process group?

A. Company culture

B. Lessons learned database

C. Historical project schedules

D. Project scope statement

Answer: D

Explanation: The project scope statement is an output of the planning process group, so it cannot be available as an input to the initiating process group. The other options are among the Enterprise Environmental Factors or Organizational Process Assets which are inputs of the initiating process group.

Question 24

You are managing an IT project for an external client. The project is ahead of schedule and your next activities are testing and hand over. Which one of the followings will you be more concerned about in this situation?

A. Validate project scope

B. Performing quality control

C. Generating performance reports

D. Time schedule

Answer: A

Explanation: You are close to performing the final product handover to the external client. Scope validation deals with acceptance by the customer. Without this acceptance, you will not be able to move into the next project phase.

Question 25

You are managing a project which is new and challenging both for you and your organization. The project stakeholders are very concerned about the success of the project in meeting the quality standards. You need to work closely with the quality assurance department for this purpose. Which one of the following will you need to start this process?

A. Quality improvement

B. Quality concerns

C. Quality metrics

D. Rework

Answer: C

Explanation: Quality concerns are what triggers the Manage Quality process, but they are not necessarily an input to it. Quality improvements are the result of the Manage Quality process and rework is the result of the Control Quality process. Quality metrics are the input to the Manage Quality process.

Question 26

A project manager is trying to plan for a contingency reserve as part of the cost estimates for the project. Which of these would be an incorrect way to plan for contingency reserves?

A. Plan for contingency reserve as a percentage of the estimated cost.

B. Start with a zero value for contingency reserve.

C. Use quantitative analysis methods to arrive at the contingency reserve.

D. Plan for contingency reserve as a fixed number.

Answer: B

Explanation: According to the PMBOK® Guide (6th Edition), the contingency reserve may be a percentage of the estimation, a fixed number, or may be developed by using quantitative analysis methods such as a Monte Carlo simulation. Therefore, it would be incorrect to start with a zero value for contingency reserves.

Question 27

As a project manager you are reviewing a report of the actual cost of the completed work packages. You realize that a few work packages are completed with an actual cost which is substantially lower than their budgeted cost. You will immediately do all of the following actions except?

A. Make sure that proper resources are utilized

B. Make sure about the quality of the work

C. Try to find ways to increase the actual costs

D. Make sure that the scope is properly done

Answer: C

Explanation: All of the incorrect answer choices refer to possible root causes of a variance in the costs. If any of these proves to be the root cause, then the corrective action might result in increasing the actual costs. However, trying to find ways to increase the actual costs is not the first thing to do.

Question 28

During the Sequence Activities process, your project team has identified several dependencies to a few related projects that will provide major and critical deliverables to your project. Some of those projects are very similar to your project in terms of their scope and deliverables. In this situation, which of the following processes you should be most concerned about?

A. Sequence Activities

B. Validate Scope

C. Plan Risk Response

D. Control Scope

Answer: C

Explanation: Since there are dependencies to the external projects and those projects should provide you with critical and major deliverables, the biggest concern must be the risks that other projects may cause to yours. It would be better to prevent those problems in the Plan Risk Response process than to just spend effort controlling or validating scope.

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Question 29

As the project manager you are in the middle of the project execution phase when a team member informs you of a cost overrun on a specific work package. What should be your first action in this situation?

A. Implement the change control process

B. Inform the stakeholders

C. Determine the budgeted cost

D. Find the cause of cost overrun

Answer: D

Explanation: The first action should be to analyze the situation. Finding the cause of the cost overrun is the only one of the options that is relevant to analyzing the situation.

Question 30

You are going to be hired in a company as a project manager, but you are told in the first interview that according to your capabilities, you will be given a coordinator or expeditor role. How is a project expeditor role different from a project coordinator role?

A. A project coordinator cannot make any decisions

B. A project expeditor reports to a higher-level manager

C. They are both the same and they have lower authority than a project manager

D. A project coordinator has some authority and can make some decisions

Answer: D

Explanation: According to the PMBOK® Guide (6th Edition), the project coordinator reports to a higher-level manager and has authority to make some decisions. The project expeditor has no authority to make decisions.

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