According to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Pulse of the Profession® study, you will have the opportunity to stand out to employers. According to the poll, 1.57 million new employments will be produced each year through 2020, and CAPM certification provides the platform for taking advantage of this potential.

Take free PMI-CAPM certification exam quizzes to test your knowledge on several topics of the PMI-CAPM certification exam, as well as full-length PMI-CAPM mock exams.

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Part2: Free CAPM Exam Questions and Answers | Test Your Preparation for the CAPM Exam

2021 Updated and Real CAPM Exam Questions with Verified Answers

1. You have been assigned as the project manager of an international undersea cable project. A certain portion of the project has been subcontracted to a different company. What is the MOST likely outcome of such collaboration?

A. Informal written communication will increase

B. Formal written communication will increase

C. Number of communication channels will increase

D. Performance report will be more inclusive and detailed

Answer: C


If a new contractor is added, there will be an increase in formal and informal forms of communication. However, there will be a definite increase in the number of communication channels.

2. The difference between Corrective Action and Preventive Action is:

A. Corrective Action is focused on the future, whereas Preventive Action is focused on past

B. Corrective Action is focussed on the past, whereas Preventive Action is focused on future

C. Corrective Action is an output of executing process group, whereas Preventive Action is an outcome of the monitoring and controlling process group

D. Corrective Action is the output of monitoring and controlling process group whereas Preventive Action is an outcome of executing process group

Answer: B


Corrective action is performed to fix the past issues in the project. However, preventive action is done to improve the project’s future performance according to the project management plan. Both corrective and preventive actions can be part of executing process groups and monitoring and controlling process groups. Hence, Choice – B is the best one.

3. Your team is executing a project, and they have found out certain defects in the development. You checked those defects and requested changes. In which process group are you in?

A. Executing Process Group

B. Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

C. Planning Process Group

D. Closing Process Group

Answer: B


Even though the team is executing the project, you monitored the changes made and submitted a change request for implementation. Hence, you are in the Monitoring and Control Process Group. Choice – B is the correct answer.

4. In your organization, you have a team of subject matter experts who have asked opinions on specific areas of your project. This was done anonymously with all the subject matter experts so that one person’s opinion does not influence another. What kind of tools and techniques are you following?

A. Expert Judgement

B. Delphi Technique

C. Brainstorming

D. Expert Interview

Answer: B


When expert opinion is gathered anonymously, it is Delphi Technique. Hence, Choice-B is the best answer.

5. You have joined newly into a project. The project has a lot of quality issues, and you are trying to find out the quality policy. From where will the quality policy document be made available?

A. Various Stakeholders

B. Senior Management

C. Performing Organizations

D. Sponsor of the Project

Answer: C


The performing organization issues quality Policy. Various organizations have a varying attitude towards quality, and hence their standards vary.

6. A Company is providing certain parts to be delivered to a space research organization. For some of the parts to be delivered, the company found out that equipment could be purchased outside. The company has developed a procurement management plan, contract statement of work, and evaluation criteria for selection. It is now planning to distribute the procurement documents to various sellers, from whom one will be selected. What process is the company is in?

A. Plan Procurement

B. Conduct Procurement

C. Administer Procurement

D. Control Procurement

Answer: B


Let us review the question. The company has: Decided to buy the equipment; Plan Procurement Developed Procurement Management Plan, contract; Plan Procurement Developed Procurement Documents; Plan Procurement. The next step will be to Conduct Procurement, which is part of the Procurement Management Knowledge Area. Hence, Choice – B is the best choice.

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7. The senior management of your team decided to bring in all the team members from different locations across the same country to be put together in one place. The location is also near to your customer. It was earlier found that putting together the entire team is good for productivity. It will also reduce the number of misunderstandings between the team members, which has earlier hampered the project’s progress. What kind of resource management tool and in which knowledge area process is your senior management applying?

A. Conflict Management in Manage Team

B. Collocation in Develop Team

C. Team Building Activities in Develop Team

D. Applying Contingency Theory in Develop Team

Answer: B


Bringing together all the team members at the exact location is known as collocation or war-room environment. It increases productivity and reduces miscommunication. It is in Develop Team process of the Project Resource Management knowledge area. Hence, Choice – B is the correct choice.

8. You have been promoted to the rank of project manager, and however, you have very little knowledge in project management and experience with the project. Which one of the following should be your best source of information for the management of the project?

A. Expert Judgement from other Project Managers

B. Project Management Institute and its knowledge base on Project Management

C. Historical Records from your Organization

D. Knowledge base and support of Senior Management

Answer: C


Historical records on projects from your organization are your best source in this case.

9. Which of the following documents constitute the Scope Baseline?

A. Project Scope Statement, Work Breakdown Structure, and WBS Dictionary

B. Project Scope Statement, Scope Management Changes, and Scope Management Plan

C. Project Scope Statement, Work Breakdown Structure, and Scope Management Plan

D. Project Scope Statement, Project Scope Management Plan, and Project Management Plan

Answer: A


The Project Scope Statement, Work Breakdown Structure, and WBS Dictionary form the Scope Baseline for the project. Hence, Choice-A is the correct answer.

10. The main difference between the GANTT chart and Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) is:

A. GANTT Chart can show loops and branches, whereas PDM can not

B. PDM can show loops and branches, whereas the GANTT chart can not

C. GANTT Chart is a project plan, whereas PDM is not

D. PDM is a project plan, whereas the GANTT chart is not

Answer: A


Gantt charts can have loops and branches, whereas PDM cannot have them.


CAPM® certification is currently recognized as not only the international standard for Project Managers but also as a beneficial credential for most industries and organizations worldwide. According to a Project Management Institute (PMI) research, project management would create 15.7 million new employments by 2020. The CAPM® certification will provide you with a distinct identity in the job market. SPOTO 100% authentic CAPM test dumps can help you pass your CAPM exam on the first try!

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