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1. A group of projects that are managed in a coordinated way that usually include an element of ongoing operations activity is called a:

A. Project office
B. Program
C. Portfolio
D. Major project


A group of related project that also includes operational activities is called a portfolio. Option C is the correct answer.

2. The project management process groups are:

A. Plan, organize, develop, and control.
B. Plan, do, observe, commit.
C. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing.
D. Initiating, planning, expediting, and control.


Option C is the correct answer. The 5 project management process groups are Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing.

3. Top-down estimating is another name for:

A. Analogous estimating
B. Parametric estimating
C. Three-point estimating


Option A is the correct answer. Analogous estimating is another term used to describe top-down estimating technique.

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4. When analyzing quality for a project a Project Manager decides to use a tool. This tool provides a creative way to look at the causes or potential causes of a problem. Which tool is the Project Manager planning to use?

A. Control chart
B. Statistical sampling
C. Ishikawa diagram
D. Pareto diagram


Ishikawa diagram or fishbone diagrams are using to pin down causes of potential causes of project problems. Option C is the correct answer.

5. Which of these is correct with respect to a product developed or a service performed?

A. Bad quality is acceptable, but bad grade is not.
B. Bad grade is acceptable, but bad quality is not.
C. Neither bad grade nor quality is acceptable.
D. Grade and quality is the same thing.


Option B is the correct answer. “Grade and quality are two different concepts; Quality is the degree to which the product fulfills the requirements; meanwhile grade is a category assigned to the products) with same functional use but different characteristics. Bad grade is acceptable in a product, but bad quality is not acceptable. ”

6. Who among the following is responsible for performing the scope validation?

A. Senior Management
B. The quality team
C. The customer
D. Project Manager


Scope validation is normally done by the customer or the client. Option C is the correct answer.

7. A project kick off meeting is usually conducted to:

A. Setup project team and announce the PM assignment.
B. To draft project charter
C. Build up team spirit
D. Define project scope and develop WBS.


Project kick-off meetings are used to officially start the project, setup the team and announce the project manager assignment. The project charter is completed prior to the kick-off meeting. Defining the cope and developing the WBS are activities at a later phase. Option A is the correct answer

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8. Typically signing of project charter is the responsibility of:

A. Project Sponsor
B. Senior Management
C. Project Manager
D. Project stake-holders


Option A is the correct answer. The Project Sponsor is responsible for signing the project charter, authorizing the project.

9. Variance/trend analysis is done during:

A. Risk monitoring and control
B. Risk response
C. Risk analysis
D. Risk mitigation plan


Option A is the correct answer. Variance and trend analysis are activities done during the Risk Monitoring and Control process

10. Budget at completion=$1000, Earned value=500, Cost performance index=0.5. Estimate to Completion is:

A. 1000
B. 500
C. 2000
D. None of the above


Option A is the correct answer. Using EAC formula; Estimate to Completion is: $1000


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