CAPM® certification is currently recognized not only as the global standard for project managers, but also as a more useful credential for the majority of industries and companies worldwide. According to a survey published by the Project Management Institute (PMI), project management is anticipated to create 15.7 million new employments by 2020. The CAPM® certification will provide you with a distinct identity in the job market.

A good way to prepare for the real exam is to answer all of the questions on the CAPM® self-assessment test and then analyze the answers to determine any lagging areas. What are you waiting for, then? Try the following 10 CAPM practice exam questions right now!

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1. Your project is going on satisfactorily. One of your team members, who is very good technically, proposes to add a new feature into the project which will make the customer very happy. You also realized that the customer will acknowledge the new value addition. However, you found out that it is not defined in the project scope. What should be NEXT best course of action?

A. Assign the team member to the new feature and ask her to complete
B. Have a discussion with the customer to add the new feature
C. Stick to scope planned originally and work as scheduled
D. Seek advice from the Senior Management


As per PMI-CAMP, gold plating, i.e., doing more work than planned is never supported. Hence Choice – C is the best answer.

2. Catherine as the manager of a media program has been authorized to do the project. Now she is performing a stakeholder analysis so as to address their requirements properly. Which of the following process Catherine is into?

A. Develop Project Charter
B. Define Scope
C. Manage Stakeholder’s Expectations
D. Identify Stakeholders


As Joanne has been authorized to do the project, the project charter has already been developed. Stakeholder analysis is done afterwards as part of Communication Management Plan. Hence, Choice – D is the correct answer.

3. Elena moved from one of the business units of your organization into a new business unit. However, due to financial constraints the project she has been assigned will be closed. What should be Elena’s FIRST action?

A. Enter project closure process
B. Enter contract closure process
C. Obtain a written document from the project sponsor regarding the termination
D. Leave the project and join a new company


Contract closure cannot be discussed as it is not known whether the project is performed for a customer or within the organization. A written document from the sponsor is unnecessary to be requested by the project manager. Leaving the company is an unethical choice. Hence, Choice – A is the best answer.

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4. Resource Breakdown structure is prepared in which of process?

A. Estimate Activity Durations
B. Estimate Activity Resources
C. Plan Resource Management
D. Develop Project Management Plan


The resource breakdown structure is defined in the Estimate Activity Resources process. Hence, Choice – B is the correct answer.

5. As the member of the PMO, you have been asked to select a project to be taken up for execution by your organization. You are checking the payback period of the projects and you found out the following data. Which project should you choose?

A. Project with payback period of 184 days
B. Project with payback period of 32 weeks
C. Project with payback period of 1 year
D. Project with payback period of 5 months


A project should be selected with the least payback period. In this case, Choice –D has the least value. Hence, it is the correct answer.

6. Yoshida joined as a manager at a new project. A number of changes happened while he was going through the transition into the role of project manager. He reviewed the changes to the scope for the project. However, he is unsure of where to find information regarding its approval? Who can help Yoshida the most?

A. Sponsor for the Project
B. The Project Team Members
C. Project Scope Management Plan
D. Customer of the Project


The role of sponsor is to provide funding for the project. The customer is one of the most important stakeholders who want the delivery of the product. Team members may not be aware of the approval process. Only in Project Scope Management Plan, the information regarding approval is found. Hence Choice – C is the best answer

7. John is a project manager for a newly formed project team. The project team has worked hard for last 4 months and has taken very few leaves. John wants to motivate the team members by informing them that he can give a couple of paid leaves if they complete the Phase-1 deliverables on time. Which theory is applied by John to achieve the result?

A. Achievement Theory
B. Theory Y
C. Expectancy Theory
D. Contingency Theory


Achievement Theory is based on performance to be associated with a group or get recognition for your work. Expectancy Theory is used to perform a work based on certain expectations such as monetary reward, vacations etc. Theory Y is based on the mindset of the manager that employees come to work motivated and want to wok. Contingency Theory is based on primarily 2 principles: task oriented managers and relationship oriented manager. Hence, Choice – C is the correct answer.

8. PMBOK defines 5 process groups. In which process group a Project Manager is assigned?

A. Initiating
B. Planning
C. Executing
D. Monitoring and Controlling


A project manager is officially assigned in the Develop Project Charter knowledge area of Initiating Process Group. Hence, Choice – A is the correct answer.

9. Your organization, which specializes in providing auto components, has awarded an outsourcing contract to a 3rd party. The outsourcing company will provide certain specialized components. In the contract, it is mentioned that your organization will pay for equipment and their time for assembling into the main auto components of yours. In such a contract, who shares the most risk?

A. Your Organization
B. The Outsourcing Company
C. Both share the risk equally
D. As such there is no risk involved


Clearly, it is Time and Material contract. In such a contract, the buying company, i.e., your organization will have the most risk. Hence, Choice – A is the correct answer

10. A project charter should ALWAYS include which information?

A. Enterprise Environment Factors
B. Complete Budget of the Project
C. Complete Scope of the Project
D. The underlying business need of the Project


A project charter has initial information on the scope and budget of the project. However, it must inform about the underlying business need of the project. Hence, Choice – D is the correct answer.


The PMI-accredited Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) is an entry-level project management qualification. This course is intended for individuals with little or no prior project experience. Attending the CAPM® online assessment test is the first step toward project management success. SPOTO’s 100% Real CAPM® Dumps can help you pass your exam in the first attempt!

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