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11. A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a new product or service is called a:

A. Project
B. Program
C. Enterprise
D. New product development


Option A is the correct answer as it is the correct definition of a project accordingly to PMI.

12. Any numbering system that is used to monitor project costs by category such as labour, supplies, or materials, for example, is called:

A. Work breakdown structure
B. Universal accounting standard
C. Standard accounting practices
D. Chart of accounts


Chart of accounts is the correct answer (option D). All other options are invalid for this question.

13. The purpose of the review of deliverables and project performance at the conclusion of a project phase is to:

A. Determine how many resources are required to complete the project according to the project baseline.
B. Adjust the schedule and cost baselines based on past performance.
C. Obtain customer acceptance of project deliverables.
D. Determine whether the project should continue to the next phase.


At the end of a project phase, deliverables and project performance are evaluated to determine if the project should continue to the next phase. Option D is the correct answer.

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14. The stakeholder analysis matrix is part of:

A. Part of the Stakeholder Management Strategy – an output of identify stakeholders.
B. An output of Plan Communications.
C. Part of the stakeholder register.
D. Part of Performance Reporting.


The stakeholder analysis matrix is part of Stakeholder Management and is an output of identify stakeholders. Option A is the correct answer.

15. Which of these is a constrained optimization project selection method?

A. Number programming
B. Murder board
C. Dynamic Programming
D. Parallel algorithm


Only Dynamic Programming is constrained optimization project selection method. Option D is the correct answer.

16. The Delphi Method is best suited for:

A. Decision-making
B. Cost Control
C. Overhead rate estimating
D. Team discussions


Option A is the correct answer. The Delphi method is normally used for Decision Making, the option options are not valid answers.

17. A rough order of magnitude estimate is made during which project management process group?

A. Project closing
B. Project executing
C. Project initiating
D. Project planning


“Rough order of magnitude estimates are used during the initial phases of the project in the Project initiation group. Option C is the correct answer. During project closing, the overall cost of the project is already known. Also, budget is already known during the executing phase. More accurate estimates are generated during the planning stages.”

18. You are using straight line depreciation to compute the value of your computer after three years. If the current cost is $1000, what will be the value after three years assuming that the computer’s life is five years.

A. 400
B. 500
C. 600
D. 0


Option A is the correct answer. “The value of a computer workstation that is worth $1000, depreciated over 5 years will be worth $400 after 3 years using straight line depreciation. $1000 / 5 years = $200 per year. 3 years x $200 = $600 depreciation after 3 years $1000 – $600 = $400 current value”

19. You are the Project Manager assigned to build a next generation vehicle. You identify a dependency that the wheels must be designed and developed before the assembly of the vehicle can be performed. This is an example of which type of dependency?

A. Discretionary
B. Soft Logic
C. Mandatory
D. External


This is a mandatory dependency; option C is the correct answer.

20. A schedule performance index (SPI) of 0.76 means:

A. you are ahead of schedule.
B. you are only progressing at 76% of the rate originally planned.
C. you are only progressing at 24% of the rate originally planned.
D. you are over budget.


SPI of 0.76 indicates that the project is behind schedule and progressing at 76% of the original plan. Option B is the correct answer.


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