The Project Management Institute has approved the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) credential (PMI). Many view it as a gateway to more time-consuming and specialized credentials, such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

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11. A statement of work differs from the Contract in a way that:

A. Statement of work is a type of contract where Contract is the actual one
B. Statement of work is description of the part of the product to be obtained outside whereas Contract is not
C. Statement of work is necessary for every project, whereas Contract is not
D. Contract is necessary for every project, whereas Statement of Work is not


A Statement of work is a description of the part of a product to be obtained from an outside vendor. Hence, Choice – B is the correct answer.

12. Value engineering concept is defined as:

A. The internal rate of return of the project
B. Finding the overall cost of the project and the profit from it
C. Determining the physical and material resources needed for the project
D. Getting value at every possible aspect of the project such as improving quality, shortening schedule, reducing cost etc.


Value Engineering covers all the aspects of the project, i.e., decreasing cost, improving quality, shortening schedule etc. Hence, Choice – D is the correct answer.

13. Two of the following knowledge area processes are closely linked and performed at the same time. What are they?

A. Acquire Project Team and Estimate Costs
B. Defined Scope and Estimate Costs
C. Control Quality and Validate Scope
D. Develop Project Charter and Plan Procurement


Control Quality and Validate Scope can happen together. However, scope verification is done mostly after the quality control has been performed. The primary outcome from quality control is validated deliverables and from that of scope verification is accepted deliverables. Hence, Choice – C is the correct answer

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14. Gerry is a certified CAPM professional and is a member of PMO in his organization. The PMO selects the project that will be initiated and executed by the organization. Gerry can use any of the following techniques to initiate a project EXCEPT:

A. Expert Judgement
B. Earned Value Management
C. Project Selection Methods
D. Project Management Methodology


Earned Value Management Technique is used only when the project is getting executed. It is done after a base-lining has been done on the project. Hence, Choice – B is the best one.

15. Work Performance Information is used for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

A. It shows what cost has been incurred so far
B. It shows the resource utilization for the work concerned
C. It shows information on the activities started and ended
D. It shows the defects that have been found


Work Performance information shows various information such as cost, resource utilization, time spent on activities etc. But, it does not inform defects found. Hence, Choice – D is correct. Mark the word EXCEPT in the question.

16. Cost baseline is an output of which process and in which process group?

A. Estimate Costs in Planning Process Group
B. Control Costs in Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
C. Determine Budget in Planning Process Group
D. Develop Project Management Plan in Planning Process Group


Cost Baseline is an output of Determine Budget process area, which is under planning process group. Choice – C is the correct answer.

17. One of your team members is not openly communicative, though he is technically one of the star performers. He has been assigned one of the tasks which is on critical path of the project. You overheard a communication of the team member with another person regarding the delay in the completion of the activity assigned to him. You realized that the delay in that activity will result in a significant delay in your project. What should be your NEXT best course of action?

A. Perform a schedule compression technique so that the activity is on track
B. Try to apply a fast-tracking technique so that the activity is on track
C. Inform the team member that you have overheard the conversation and find out a solution with him
D. Assign a different resource to the work


A project manager should directly confront the situation whenever possible. Hence, the best answer is Choice – C.

18. Your have submitted your product to be tested by the end user for acceptance testing. The end user requested for new change and the change will not impact the project schedule. What should you do?

A. Reject the change as it has for final testing
B. Assess the change to see its validity
C. Submit the change as a change request
D. Inform that it is scope creep and hence cannot be added


Any time a request changes come into the project at any stage, it must be assessed against the triple constraint of the project. Based on its validity, it will be submitted as a change request and then incorporated into the product. Hence, Choice- B is the best answer.

19. The lowest level defined in a WBS is for:

A. For the Sub-phases
B. For the Deliverables
C. For the Activities
D. For the Work Packages


Lowest levels defined in the WBS are for work packages. Hence, Choice – D is the correct answer.

20. Erin as the project manager has created the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and has divided them into work package level. However, for some of the deliverables, the final output is not clear and their cost and time could not be initially estimated. What is the next best step?

A. Any way assigns them a WBS code and put them as a work package level which will be broken down later
B. Do not add them into the WBS as it has not been clearly defined
C. Call a meeting with the concerned stakeholders to get more clarity
D. Add them as Control Accounts in the WBS which can be later on defined and planned


The best next step is to discuss with relevant stakeholders, seek clarifications and then continue with the WBS development. Hence, Choice – C is the correct answer.


While the CAPM does not carry the same weight or prestige as the PMP, it will typically qualify you for entry-level project management positions that will allow you to gain project management experience and advance your career. Pass your CAPM exam on the first attempt with SPOTO’s 100 percent Real Exam Dumps!

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