The most critical PMP exam preparation activity is to complete as many sample questions as possible. To assist you, we have created this complimentary preparation test. SPOTO provided the PMP exam sample questions, which are all based on the most recent PMP Examination Content Outline. Now try the 10 sample questions below to check yourself!

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A project manager is responsible for building a bridge. The high-level elements of the project are handled using a predictive approach The software responsible for retracting the bridge has been developed based on agile principles. During software development, the workflow is often interrupted by various delays or impediments due to lack of information.
How should the project manager handle this situation?

A. Apply lean manufacturing to limit the team’s work.
B. Incorporate small batches of work into the project
C. Increase retrospectives to deliver results fast
D. Make work visible using kanban boards.

Correct Answer: D


During the execution of a project, the project manager notices that only one team member has one of the technical skills needed to build the product The project manager is afraid this might have a future impact on the quality and schedule, because most of the upcoming activities will require at least three people with this specific skill.
What two actions should the project manager take to prevent the team from being unqualified? (Choose two)

A. Increase the time estimates on the activities that require such abilities.
B. Encourage working in pairs and knowledge sharing.
C. Teach the entire team the new skill
D. Facilitate a training event with an external trainer.
E. Exclude the activities from the roadmap

Correct Answer: CD


A project team has recently completed the initial sprint for developing an automated payroll system for a company The project manager has scheduled a sprint planning meeting with the product owner and team members to discuss which features should be worked on next.
Which two pieces of information does the project manager need in order to make this meeting productive and effective? (Choose two)

A. Company mission and vision
B. Burndown chart
C. Product backlog
D. Sprint goal
E. Sprint charter

Correct Answer: CD


During an inspection, the production phase was stopped because the inspector claimed that regulatory labels were missing. What should the project manager do?

A. Review the risk management plan.
B. Conduct an expert judgment evaluation.
C. Update the lessons learned register.
D. Review the quality management plan.

Correct Answer: C

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The CEO has authorized the development of a complex financial product for a company to provide greater future benefits. The budget has been acquired through financing with global investors who expect all risks to be identified as soon as possible.
What should the project manager use to identify the risks?

A. Expert judgment
B. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis
C. An analysis of shared risks between parties
D. A risk value assessment

Correct Answer: A


A project manager is managing a project which has a very complex and long execution period. Although the project is mostly predictive, the team was able to break the design and execution into smaller packages using a hybrid framework The business wants to keep track of the value delivered by this framework application, but there is no defined set of measurable items for the framework.
What should the project manager do first?

A. Work with the stakeholders to determine which measurable benefits can be tracked and assign an accountable person to monitor and report them.
B. Create a report based on the work breakdown structure (WBS) and update it on a regular basis.
C. Use the same benefits tacking process from the last predictive project and add this to the monthly status report
D. Research which templates of reports were used the most tor this framework and incorporate them into the project

Correct Answer: A


A team is currently working on a mobile app solution. During sprint execution, one of the developers requires clarification about the acceptance criteria for a particular task.
What should the project manager do to obtain the information required by the developer?

A. Work with the product owner to clarify the requirement
B. Write an email to the client requesting clarification.
C. Request direction from the project sponsor.
D. Seek support from the development manager.

Correct Answer: A


A project for a new product launch is in a very initial stage and the requirements are evolving. Due to stiff competition in the market, the customer would like to launch the product keeping the scope flexible. The project team intends to start the work based on the forecast of a similar project delivered last year.
Which project approach suits the scenario?

A. Execute it as a Scrum project
B. Execute it as a predictive project
C. Execute it as a project with stage gates.
D. Execute i using the same approach as the reference project

Correct Answer: A


A team has been working on a project for several months, but the completion date is unclear because the scope is changing frequently as new knowledge is gained. Some deliverables have already been completed, but when new stakeholders join the team, they complain that project outcomes are not meeting business goals.
How can the project manager prevent this situation from happening in the future?

A. Create a prioritized backlog and define iteration review sessions with stakeholders.
B. Create a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) and milestone schedule approved by all stakeholders
C. Scriedule a daily meeting to review team performance and impediments.
D. Schedule a kick-off meeting tor every project phase to share the project management plan with all stakeholders.

Correct Answer: A


Team members are having a discussion with the project manager In the last retrospective meeting, the team realized that the obsolete equipment could affect the next iteration of the project The team recommends buying new equipment because itis critical to the success of the final deliverable.
What should the project manager do next?

A. Tell the team members that more equipment is not part of the project’s scope.
B. Review the cost management plan to determine how to address this issue.
C. Submit a change request to increase the budget and buy new equipment
D. Check the project budget to verify if there is enough contingency reserve.

Correct Answer: D


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