The most essential aspect of PMP exam preparation is to answer as many sample questions as you can. To help and support you, SPOTO has generated this free practice test. The questions are derived by SPOTO and are all based on the most current PMP Examination Content Outline. Let’s try the following question to check your knowledge!

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A team has different ideas on how to address a feature of a product under construction and, although the sprint began two days ago, they have still not reached a consensus.
What should the project manager do?

A.Offer an opinion about the pros and cons of each idea and try to reach a consensus in a facilitated meeting
B.Propose ideas to the group, ask everyone to vote, and then choose the most popular idea
C.Schedule a session to give everyone the chance to express their opinions about each idea, then vote and decide.
D.Ask the product owner, who is the key stakeholder, to choose among the different ideas

Correct Answer: D


A project manager has been appointed to a multimillion dollar project The project is considered to be high risk since no similar projects have been undertaken before and there is no historical data Some external stakeholders are reluctant to provide support.
What approach should the project manager take?

A.Establish dialogue with stakeholders on the project constraints, assumptions, and critical inputs.
B.Examine the plans, processes. policies, and knowledge that are specific to the organization undertaking the project.
C.Convince senior management to close the project since the project lacks sponsorship and is considered to be high risk.
D.Host a project team meeting, then update the risk register and the project management plan.

Correct Answer: A


A new project has been kicked off following a planning session The project is under direct oversight of an executive in the organization. After a review meeting, the project manager overhears an executive request a dashboard from one of the team members to show the overall project status.
What should the project manager do?

A.Update the communications management plan to include informal requests.
B.Update the stakeholder engagement assessment matrix.
C.Ask the team member to develop a dashboard to fulfill the request
D.Tell the team member to route the request through the project manager.

Correct Answer: A


Early in the execution phase, a project manager discovers that recent changes in enterprise environmental factors (EEFS) will severely reduce the implementation cost and shorten the project schedule.
How should the project manager address this situation?

A.Keep the extra budget as management reserve until project closeout
B.Give the team extra time to finish tasks within the original timeline.
C.Follow the project escalation policy and communications management plan.
D.Meet with the project team to decide how the remaining budget will be spent

Correct Answer: C

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A project just kicked off and management’s expectation is to ensure that the deliverable of the first iteration helps the marketing team present the product prototype to potential customers.
What should the project manager do?

A.Increase the details of the work breakdown structure (WBS) to minimize errors and delays.
B.Ask the sponsor to prioritize some functionalities of the product
C.Identify the minimum functionality required for the product.
D.Split the backlog into phases to ensure that the key features are delivered first

Correct Answer: B


Stakeholders in some industries prefer to deal with programmers and system analysts directly, bypassing project managers. This complicates managing resources on projects.
How should a project manager solve this issue?

A.Host a team-building event to develop team cohesion and improve communication.
B.Propose implementing a new project management information system (PMIS).
C.Request a meeting with senior management to escalate the situation.
D.Promote adoption of the communications management pian with the project team.

Correct Answer: D



A project manager has received an updated earned value analysis report The following are the key findings from the report: Budget at completion USS1 million
Earned value = USS0.7 million Actual cost = USS0.75 million Cost performance index= 0Based on this information, what should the project manager conclude about project performance?

A. The project will be difficult to complete as planned.
B. The project will be completed exactly as planned.
C. The project will not be completed as planned.
D. The project will be easier to complete than planned.

Correct Answer: A


A project manager has two projects that are being executed at the same time. The duration of the critical project must be reduced, but the project manager does not have enough resources to achieve this goal In addition, the schedule does not have activities that can be overlapped.
What should the project manager do?

A.Use resource optimization to justify requesting more resources for the critical project
B.Apply fast-racking techniques to compress the schedule of the critical project
C.Provide schedule optimization training to the project teams to improve their sills
D.Analyze both projects to determine the most effective use of common resources.

Correct Answer: D


A company’s CEO has just returned from a conference on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and would like the project manager to implement this technology in the organization
What should the project manager do first?

A.Start a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
B.Gather requirements from stakeholders.
C.Start developing a business case.
D.Engage stakeholders and allocate resources.

Correct Answer: C


A company’s project management office (PMO) has started to implement iterative tools. A project manager is starting a new project and has identified an opportunity to use the iterative tools. One of the senior managers is concerned about this modified framework as it is fairly new to the company.
What should the project manager do first?

A.Look for external training on the new framework to eliminate the risk of low engagement from stakeholders
B.Organize individual sessions with the stakeholders to build awareness and trust in the new framework
C.Escalate the senior managers concern to the project sponsor and distribute the status to the team
D.Send documentation to the senior manager about the advantages of the new framework

Correct Answer: B


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