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A project manager is assigned to a project within a program. The high-level requirements of the project are known, but the priorities of some of the requirements are uncertain as they are interdependent on some other pipeline projects within the program

How should the project manager prepare for the next steps of the project?


A. Escalate to the management team to increase the timeline based on the complexity of the project.

B. Ask the project management office (PMO) to estimate the tasks for all the projects and share the project management plan.

C. Wait for the other project estimates before planning the schedule.

D. Prioritize and estimate the milestones for the high. level requirements based on historical data.


Correct Answer: B




A project manager for a large, multiyear, industrial project has a project with diversified stakeholders from various geographical areas Recently, the project manager encountered an issue with stakeholder engagement.

Which two tools should the project manager use to determine the underlying reason for why engagement is not having the planned effect? (Choose two)


A. Issuelog

B. Open-space meetings

C. Communications management plan

D. Ishikawa diagrams

E. Five whys


Correct Answer: DE




A project manager is assigned to a project that is in development As the project manager reviews the project’s progress, they find a few tasks that are behind schedule. After investigating. the project manager discovers that a few team members were pulled to work on other assignments, which impacted their ability to focus on the project manager’s project.

Which two actions can the project manager take to bring the team back on track? (Choose two)


A. Establish daily standups to review project progress and track the completion of diliverables.

B. Alert the business stakeholders immediately of the schedule delay.

C. Allow the team members to catch up at their own pace.

D. Work with the team to identify options to accelerate project delivery.

E. Discuss the risk of project delay and work priorities with the respective functional managers.


Correct Answer: DE




Project A is critical for the company and must be completed within nine months The project charter has been signed but the project scope statement has not been prepared. Management asks the project manager to move forward with the project without an approved project scope statement.

What should the project manager do next?


A. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor and add it to the risk register.

B. Start the project with inputs from the project charter to save time.

C. Refuse to work on the project because management is not following standard project management practices.

D. Met with management to explain me potential problems with running a project without a project scopestatement.


Correct Answer: D


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Due to delays on some activities, one of the project team members has increased the scope without any approval. What should the project manager do next?


A. Add team members to the project to avoid more schedule delays.

B. Evaluate the impacts of the changes that were made to the project.

C. Update project documentation with the new scope.

D. Remove the changes to match the original requirements.


Correct Answer: B




A project manager has just finished initiating a project While planning. the project manager notes that several essential team members do not have the required skills for key tasks later in the project.

What should the project manager do first?


A. Update the ssue log to account for the lack of team member qualifications.

B. Develop the resource management plan and ensure adequate training.

C. Replace the current project team members.

D. Outsource the task to be completed by a specialized vendor.


Correct Answer: B




During the implementation of a project, the project team discovered a new opportunity After an internal review, the project team agreed that the opportunity is outside of the project scope. The project manager decided to update the risk register and escalate the opportunity to a higher level.

What should the project manager do next with this opportunity?


A. Share this opportunity with another project.

B. Establish a contingency reserve to support the opportunity.

C. No more action is required.

D. Further monitor the opportunity.


Correct Answer: A




The project manager has observed that two team members have been arguing with each other openly at meetings. To Push their ideas through, each team member individually spoke with the sponsor directly and made decisions without informing the project manager or other team members.

What two actions should project manager take? (Choose two)


A. Ask the team members to work it out themselves.

B. Discuss the behavior directly with their managers and request them to correct the behavior.

C. Address the behavioral issue with each team member.

D. Reiterate ground rules at the next meeting and ensure that all team members are clear about these rules.

E. Discuss this situation with other project managers and ask for advice.



Correct Answer: AC




A project manager has a team of shared resources from other projects who are working on a client project. Three days before the project is due, the team informs the project manager that the project will be delayed because a component was not delivered on time. Competing priorities of the shared resources are delaying delivery of the component

What should the project manager have done to prevent this delay from happening?


A. Used the resource management plan to identify the impacts of the other projects.

B. Maintained constant communication with the stakeholders of the other projects.

C. Updated the risk management plan and registered lessons learned for the project.

D. Reorganized the team for the project based on the work breakdown.


Correct Answer: A




The client will not agree to closure, claiming that the project team has not performed the code inspections mandated in the development contract The project team has performed the code inspections, however the records are not complete.

What should the project manager do?


A. Holda lessons learned workshop with the project team and project sponsor to avoid contractual compliance issues arising in future project.

B. Close the project and hand over the deliverables to the client.

C. Holda meeting with the project team project  and the client to agree to the further work required to close the project and add to lessons learned.

D. Seek expert legal advice on the interpretation of the clauses in the contract.


Correct Answer: C

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