You are required to have either 4,500 or 7,500 hours of experience leading and supervising projects, and this requirement varies based on your degree of study. One of the reasons why PMP is considered the gold standard in project management is because of the high entry barrier. So how do you even get started? If you are curious and worried about the methods, please contact SPOTO to get more information.

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Maintain an accurate record of your work

It is vital that you grasp this concept right now. It is possible that your work will not be included in your PMP application if you do not retain a record of it. PMI demands specifics of the project work to be provided, such as qualifying hours, dates of employment, role, facts regarding the organization, references, and a summary of experience. How do you determine whether or not what you worked on can be considered a project? According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), a project can be defined as “a temporary activity undertaken to generate a distinctive product or service.” In practice, this means everything having a defined deliverable and a time limit.


You could offer your services as a volunteer in the capacity of project coordinator or expediter. Due to the fact that the work is free, there are frequently more options available to those with less expertise. Keep in mind that in order to earn your PMP certification, you will need to have led and directed thousands of hours worth of projects. Therefore, you could find it more convenient to include those hours into your regular job. You probably only have a certain amount of time each week to devote to volunteer work.


Attending conferences is a fantastic approach to pick up pointers on how to get started in project management. In addition to this, if you have the correct connections, you might even be able to land a job as a result of it. Networking is important for all levels of project managers, from novices to veterans. It is in your best interest to begin building a solid professional network as soon as possible.

Think about the industry you’re in

Project management thrives in a variety of settings, including those provided by software providers and consulting businesses. Look for jobs with titles like “business analyst” or “test manager” to fill entry-level positions. However, keep in mind that developing websites, creating media, and planning events all qualify as projects in their own right. That translates to the fact that you have employment options in a wide variety of other fields.

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Start small

Companies do not hire project managers with entry level or junior experience. Your best hope is to work your way up through the ranks of a corporation until you are in a position to manage a project with minimal risk and little visibility. After you’ve amassed a certain amount of work experience, you’ll be ready to advance to more challenging jobs or larger businesses.

Take charge of your own projects

Make suggestions to your managers for minor initiatives that you can lead, such as finding a new way to process bills from vendors. In order to find the foundation of your project, ask the following questions of both yourself and others working for the company:


  • Which steps often require the biggest amount of time to finish?
  • Which activities require the most financial investment to finish?
  • Which procedures are the most aggravating to go through?


Examine the workflow of one of these operations, such as creating a monthly report, and note the steps that can be skipped or automated. Perform quality and speed tests on your newly updated version. After that, you should compose a report in which you outline how much time and/or money you can save.

Ignore job titles

It doesn’t matter what job title you had at the time if you can demonstrate that you generated new products, services, processes, or systems and show examples of these. In point of fact, the PMI does not care what title you hold at the moment. To validate that your description of the project is true, all you need is a reference from someone who worked on the project alongside you.

Obtain your CAPM certification today

Obtaining a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certificate is something you can do even if you have never managed a project before. In preparation for the PMP test, this will assist you in comprehending the PMBOK® Guide. Having this qualification may also assist you in finding new employment prospects. If you’ve been having trouble breaking into the field of project management, you should pursue this certification as your first step. SPOTO has a large amount of professional PMP courses and exam dumps. Don’t hesitate to get all the materials.

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