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After a meeting with the customer, the project manager receives special recognition because the project is always on schedule. Later that day, the project manager attends a regular project team meeting to follow up on the status of the deliverables. What should the project manager do in the project team meeting?


A. Start planning how to improve the dates of next deliverables.

B. Document this feedback in the meeting minutes.

C. Follow the meeting agenda and make a list of the next deliverables.

D. Share the customer feedback with the project team.


Correct Answer: D




During the daily meetings with the team, the project manager notices that a new team member is not making the expected progress on an assigned task What should the project manager do?


A. Ask an experienced team member to identify a replacement.

B. Ask the new team member to follow the team ground rules.

C. Ask an experienced team member to coach the new team member.

D. Ask the new team member to reassess their own capabilities.


Correct Answer: C




A project manager works with a global virtual team. The team is facing difficulty in communicating with each other and often misses important messages. This difficulty leads to missed deadlines. What should the project manager do to enhance project team effectiveness?


A. Implement team colocation to improve communication.

B. Schedule a communications control board meeting.

C. ldentify the root cause of communication issues.

D. Initiate daily communication of project progress.


Correct Answer: C




During a retrospective meeting, a project manager hears that stakeholders have been constantly complaining at iteration demos about product features not being delivered as requested.

What advice should the project manager give to the product Owner to ensure that product features are always delivered as requested?


A. Avoid including stakeholders in iteration reviews.

B. Create a requirements traceability matrix and distribute it accordingly.

C. Include stakeholders during daily standup meetings to monitor progress.

D. Validate acceptance criteria with stakeholders prior to backing refinement


Correct Answer: B


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In a software development project, the product owner and development team agree on a sprint backlog The highest priority in the backlog is to build a payment module. The team worked on the module during the first half of the sprint, but now two developers want to spend the rest of the sprint focusing on refactoring another feature that might create issues in the future.

What should the project manager do?


A. Let the developers focus on the refactoring work and discuss it in the retrospective.

B. Praise the developers for their proactivity and focus on quality

C. Restate to the developers the importance of focusing and meeting the sprint goal

D. Escalate the issue to the developers functional managers


Correct Answer: C




A project team is having difficulties understanding technical details regarding requirements. The information was not initially provided by the customer, but the information is critical in the current iteration for clarification on how tasks need to be accomplished. How should the project manager approach this situation?


A. Educate the customer and have them participate in daily standup meetings.

B. Request that the customer reviews and clarifies feature definitions for the current sprint.

C. Send a burndown chart of the current sprint to the customer and seek clarifications

D. Schedule weekly meetings and product reviews with the customer to clarify requirements.


Correct Answer: D




A project manager presented the project schedule to the main stakeholders. They have requested that the project be completed two months earlier than the scheduled date. What should the project manager do?


A. Reduce the scope of the project by removing activities and shortening the timeline.

B. Hold a stakeholder meeting to align timelines and scope expectations.

C. Crash the schedule to shorten the timeline while keeping the scope unchanged

D. Update the cost management plan to allocate more resources to the project to finish the scope earlier


Correct Answer: B




A team member shares with their functional manager some negative details about the performance of another team member that was discussed during the retrospective. The project manager finds out about this discussion. What two actions should the project manager take? (Choose two)


A. Contact the team member’s functional manager and invite them to the next retrospective.

B. Contact the team member to explain what information can be shared outside the team Meet with the product owner to talk about the situation.

C. Meet with the entire team to review the ground rules about safe environments.

D. Meet with the sponsor to review the situation.


Correct Answer: BD




A team is working on implementing a communications system when the client says that they are considering closing the project The project manager schedules an urgent meeting with the client to understand why the project is at risk Which two tools or techniques can the project manager use to influence the client’s decision to keep the project active? (Choose two)


A. Cost benefit analysis

B. Multi- criteria decision making

C. Voting

D. Alternatives analysis

E. Autocratic decision making


Correct Answer: BD




A project manager has two projects that are being executed at the same time. The duration of the critical project must be reduced, but the project manager does not have enough resources to achieve this goal In addition, the schedule does not have activities that can be overlapped. What should the project manager do?


A. Use resource optimization to justify requesting more resources for the critical project

B. Apply fast-racking techniques to compress the schedule of the critical project

C. Provide schedule optimization training to the project teams to improve their sills

D. Analyze both projects to determine the most effective use of common resources.


Correct Answer: D

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