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Question 1


You are the head of a software development project where the developers involved are working within a rented office space. It’s taking longer than anticipated to write the code. You have requested the landlord to rent the office for another week. Unfortunately, the landlord informs you that the office is booked for that period.

You capture the problem in the project documents. What should you do next?


A. Makes updates in the risk register
B. Request more funds
C. Enter the issue in the issue log for record
D. Make revisions in the resource management plan


Correct answer: D


Question 2


You are part of a project team that’s designing a new type of vehicle. You are on the brink of getting started with working on a set of tasks (work package) for the braking system of the vehicle. You would like to assess the acceptance criteria before beginning the work.

Where should you look in order to find this information?


A. Requirements documentation
B. The WBS dictionary
C. Project management plan
D. Activity attributes


Correct answer: B


Question 3


A project to construct an assembly line is nearly complete. The project manager has closed procurements, submitted the final project report, updated the lessons learned register, and acquired feedback from the relevant stakeholders.

What should be the next step of the project manager?


A. Send a summary of how the final product fulfilled the business needs
B. Transfer the completed assembly line to operations
C. Send a formal writing to the vendors notifying that the contracts have been completed
D. Make the final payment to the suppliers


Correct answer: B


Question 4


A project team is weighing two risk responses to include in the risk register. The first risk response must meet two criteria and costs $5,000. The second risk response must meet four criteria, but only costs $2,000.


Which action is least likely to be taken by the project team to select the best risk response?


A. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis
B. Use multicriteria decision analysis
C. Run a Monte Carlo simulation
D. Perform an alternatives analysis


Correct answer: C


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Question 5


Your project team members are writing code in pairs and assessing each other’s work to review and determine if the code follows the requirements documentation.

Which of the following results will be obtained from this process?


A. Work performance data
B. Verified deliverable
C. Accepted deliverable
D. Acceptance criteria


Correct answer: B


Question 6


The construction project has many people and specialized teams at the work site every day. Frequent and seamless communication between the team leads is vital to ensure safe and efficient progress.

Which agile ceremony can be incorporated in this project to boost timely cross-functional communication?


A. Retrospectives
B. Daily standups
C. Iteration reviews
D. Risk-based spikes


Correct answer: B


Question 7


The organization’s leadership wants to include more agile methodologies in their projects. Before starting to take any agile approaches in a project.

What is the first thing to be done?


A. Evaluate the organizational culture and transformation readiness
B. Conduct a survey of employees to find those willing to participate in agile projects
C. Conduct agile training for those in the team assembled for the pilot project
D. Put current projects on hold to readjust them to the new agile cadence


Correct answer: A


Question 8


You need to establish the relative priorities of risks recognized in a project.

Which of the following tasks is the most likely to not affect this prioritization?


A. Researching the stakeholder register
B. Making a review of the assumption log
C. Generating the risk report
D. Examining the risk register


Correct answer: C


Question 9


A project manager, while developing the stakeholder register, lists down the potential stakeholders and chooses to use a data gathering method known as brain writing.

What is the first thing to do when using this method?


A. Share a set of questions with participating members ahead of the the creativity session
B. Convene a data gathering meeting with the participants
C. Develop your own template for a stakeholder register
D. Refer to the stakeholder engagement plan to get an understanding of how to identify stakeholders


Correct answer: A


Question 10


A project manager communicates primarily through email with her team members, internal and external project stakeholders. Certain techniques are incorporated to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

Which of the following is not considered one of these techniques?


A. Controlled flow of words and ideas
B. Concise expression
C. Clear purpose directed at meeting the needs of the reader
D. Communications register


Correct answer: D


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