Preparing for the PMI-CAPM exam can be challenging. It can be challenging to determine your readiness because PMI does not issue a passing grade. That is why it is critical that you take a CAPM practice exam – or several of them – as part of your preparation. Take advantage of the CAPM questions demo below to increase your chances of becoming a CAPM certified professional. This will prepare you for what to expect and will help you maintain your composure throughout the exam by demonstrating typical formats and strategies.

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21. Which of the followings cannot be an input to Define Activities?

A. Enterprise Environmental Factors
B. Organizational Process Assets
C. Requested Changes
D. Work Breakdown Structure


The trick is to remember that Request Changes are outputs and inputs normally for knowledge area processes in Executing and Monitoring and Controlling Process Groups. Define Activities is in planning process group, hence, it cannot be an input. Choice – C is the best answer.

22. Larry has been assigned as a project manager in a high-end consulting project during the integration phase. He has been poured with a number of change requests and is having difficulty on prioritizing them. You are one of the colleagues of Larry and wanted to help him. What should you advise Larry about project integration?

A. A project manager should spend most of his time in communicating with team members
B. A project manager should make key decisions about the resource allocation so that right kind of change requests are assigned to right kind of people
C. A project manager should minimize the team conflict and enhance the productivity of the team members
D. A project manager should spend his time in problem-solving and decision making between project subsystems


All the choices listed are actually performed by the project manager. However, the question is with respect to the primary responsibility of the project manager during the integration environment. During integration, the project manage should do the problem solving and decision making between project sub-systems. Hence Choice – D is the best answer.

23. Perform Integrated Change Control process falls under which process group?

A. Planning Process Group
B. Executing Process Group
C. Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
D. Close Process Group


Perform Integrated Change Control under Integration Management Knowledge area falls under M & C process group. And the other one is Monitor and Control Project Work. Hence, Choice – C is the correct answer.

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24. Accepted Deliverables is an output of which process?

A. Validate Scope
B. Control Quality
C. Manage Quality
D. Control Scope


Accepted deliverables are output of Validate Scope process. Hence, Choice – A is the correct answer.

25. The value 3 Sigma stands for how many defects per million opportunities?

A. 1,700
B. 2,700
C. 3.4
D. 1.5


3 sigma stands for 99.73% of standard deviation, which means the defects are: 100 – 99.73 = 00.27% = 2,700 defect per million opportunities. Hence, Choice – B is the correct answer.

26. You are performing benefit cost analysis for multiple projects and following are the data found for BCR. Which projected BCR value is the most desirable?

A. 1.2
B. 3
C. 6
D. 1


Higher the BCR the better. Hence, Choice – C is the correct answer.

27. A project can have human resources and material resources and they are estimated against which one of the following?

A. Work packages
B. Schedule activities
C. Elements of Scope
D. As set by the PMO


Human resources and material resources are estimated against Schedule Activities. Hence, Choice – B is the correct answer.

28. In one of the projects that you are managing, it is found that for certain activities which are on critical path, you need to compress the schedule. Some members are assigned to those activities have been moved to another high priority assignment in a different project under your supervision. You want to have the project completed on time, but do not want to compromise on the scope. What should you do?

A. Perform a schedule compression
B. Inform the customer that one of the deliverables will be delayed
C. Ask your team members to work overtime for those deliverables
D. Alert the senior management


Schedule compression is a technique which is performed to compress the schedule without compromising on the project scope. Hence, the best answer is Choice –A.

29. What does a standard deviation talks about a data set?

A. The mean of the population in the way it relates to the median
B. The upper and lower specification limits of the population
C. The range of data points for the population
D. How diverse the pollution is


The standard deviation is calculated by averaging all the data points to find out the mean. The average of how far each individual point is from that mean. Hence for a diverse population, a higher standard deviation will be there and vice-versa. Hence, standard deviation measures how diverse the population is. Choice – D is the correct answer.

30. If there are many critical paths in a project, which of the following must be true?

A. The schedule has to be fast tracked to resolve the conflict
B. The schedule has to be crashed in order to resolve the conflict
C. Only one path is the actually the critical path out of them
D. The schedule risk will be higher with multiple critical paths


With multiple critical paths, there are chances the delay in many activities will result in the delay of the project. Hence the risk will be higher for the project. Choice –D is the correct answer.

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