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41. A project manager would like to manage his project in such a way that he will be able to identify specific tasks that should be watched and managed more closely than others. The project manager should use which method?

A. The PERT method
B. The critical path method
C. The GERT method
D. The PCDM method


The Critical Path method identifies the specific tasks that will delay the whole project if they are late and will need to be watched more closely. Option B is the correct answer.

42. Your cost forecast shows that you will have a cost overrun at the end of the project. Which of the following should you do?

A. Eliminate risks in estimates and re-estimate.
B. Meet with the sponsor to find out what work can be done sooner.
C. Cut quality.
D. Decrease scope.


In order control cost overruns projected through cost forecast, it is best to eliminate risks whenever possible and re-estimate the project. Option A is the correct answer. Meeting with the sponsor at this point is not meaningful without looking at all options available. Cutting quality is never a good option. Decreasing scope is possible, but it needs to be discussed with the project sponsor and other stakeholders first and will require more analysis.

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43. Management reserve is for:

A. Unknown unknowns
B. Covered by cost budget
C. Both A and B
D. Neither A nor B


Management Reserves is used to cover Unknown Unknowns on the project. It is an unadvertised part of the overall project budget. Option C is the correct answer.

44. Which of the following is not a Risk Identification tool or technique?

A. Risk Register
B. Documentation Reviews
C. Brainstorming
D. Interviewing


Documentation reviews, brainstorming and interviewing are all tools and techniques for risk identification. Risk Register is where the identified risks are documented. Option A is the correct answer.

45. How should change management be planned for?

A. Changes are generally not predictable, therefore planning for change management cannot be reasonable.
B. Planning for change management should be done while the various change control processes are being applied.
C. Change management can be planned in a set of management plans or a specific change management plan.
D. Changes are a sign of bad planning. One should avoid changes during a project, thus eliminating the need to manage them.


Project changes are expected and should be planned for ahead of time through Change Management. Change management can be planned in a set of management plans or a specific change management plan. We plan for how to handle the change, not the change itself. Option B is the correct answer.

46. Your employee is three days late with a report. Five minutes before the meeting where the topic of the report is to be discussed, she hands you the report. You notice some serious errors in it. What should you do?

A. Cancel the meeting and reschedule when the report is fixed.
B. Go to the meeting and tell the other attendees there are errors in the report.
C. Force the employee to do the presentation and remain silent as the other attendees find the errors.
D. Cancel the meeting and rewrite the report yourself.


The most appropriate action in this scenario is to cancel the meeting and reschedule when the report is fixed. Option A is the correct answer.

47. As per Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of needs – which is the correct order of needs?

A. Psychological, Physiological, Safety, Love / belonging, Esteem.
B. Safety, Love/belonging, Esteem, Self-actualization, Physiological.
C. Self-actualization , Love / belonging , Esteem, Safety, Physiological.
D. None of the above.


The correct order or Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of needs is: Physiological, Safety, Belonging, Esteem and Self Actualization. Option D is the correct answer.

48. The customer requests a change to the project that would increase the project risk. Which of the following should you do before all the others?

A. Include the expected monetary value of the risk in the new cost estimate.
B. Talk to the customer about the impact of the change.
C. Analyze the impacts of the change with the team.
D. Change the risk management plan.


The first action for the project manager should to analyze the impact of the change with the project team and get all details. Option C is the correct answer. All other options are valid actions that can be taken, but they are not the first action.

49. A project is in execution. A team member approaches the project manager and indicates that she is not sure of what work she needs to perform. Which document would be the best source of this information?

A. Project Scope Management Plan.
B. Project Scope Statement.
C. Project Management Plan.
D. Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary.


The Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary and the WBS should be the guide for the work to be performed on the project. Scope management plan and project management plan are not helpful in this case. Scope statement is not an artifact that can be helpful in this situation. Option D is the correct answer.

50. Resource leveling will generally:

A. Reduce the time needed to do the project.
B. Increase the total time necessary to do all the tasks.
C. Reduce the overutilization of resources.
D. Reduce resources to the lowest skill that is possible.


Resource Leveling is used to reduce resource overutilization on the project. Option C is the correct answer.

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